6 DIYs to Try This Weekend

By Brittni • Updated on 04/14/2017

6 DIYs to Try This Weekend

Happy Friday! I’m back from a quick trip to Chattanooga with friends and playing catch up over the weekend a little bit to make up the time. But no complaints – it was so much fun. More about the trip on IG of you’re interested. 

And being as though it’s the end of the week, I figured I better round up some DIY goodies for the weekend before everyone signs off to soak in the best days of the week and/or celebrate Easter. Click through for all the links. What are your plans for the weekend? Anything exciting?

1. how to make your own sofa (!!!) from Fall for DIY
2. DIY geometric punched wood frames from Sinnen Rausch
3. DIY wall art weaving hack
4. how to make the perfect spring skirt from Fabrica de Imaginacion
5. balloon dipped Easter eggs
6. a paper plants DIY tablescape from The House that Lars Built

Happy weekend!


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There’s always Google Translate, Meryllee. 🙂


Can’t actually MAKE that skirt. UNLESS you can read SPANISH!


Aw, thanks Koral. 🙂 Totally my pleasure. Love what you do.


Brittni, I am completely in love with your work and your pictures and it makes so happy every time you pick one of my DIYs :*

Koral · Fábrica de Imaginación

I didn’t know you can ‘DIY’ a sofa???!!! All of these DIYs are so brilliant and creative! haha!

VIOLA WIN | Beauty & Fashion Blog

Viola Win

The skirt is absolutely amazing..the sofa makes ikea’s business schemes completely old-fashioned. “Do it yourself” strikes back.

melanie halliwell

Love the paper plants, they look so real!


Have to agree with you there, Gemma. Brittany is the queen of paper flower / paper plant projects.


I love love loooooove The House That Lars Built and all the gorgeous paper plants and flowers from them!! : )



Right Helen?! That skirt DIY is SO good.


I can’t believe that skirt is a DIY project and I’ll have to save the sofa DIY for when I have my own space. Thanks so much for sharing these fun ideas!


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