6 DIYs to Try This Weekend

6 Weekend DIYs to Try #weekendproject #diy

Happy Friday! After moving last weekend, I’m looking forward to taking it easy and only tackling one (small) house project over the next couple of days. BUT if I were in the mood for more DIYing, here are a handful of projects I’d definitely be giving a try…

1. minimal DIY push pins from Your DIY Family
2. how to style a square bandana (6 ways)
3. how to sew a shift dress
4. (faux) terra-cotta candlesticks from The Lovely Drawer
5. how to paint your own floor tiles
6. macrame produce bag project from Hello Glow

Hope you have a happy weekend.



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I love the tile DIY and the macrame bag!


Love the minimal push pins! Thanks for sharing!


The shift dress is a really good idea!

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