8 Reasons Why it Might Be Time to Take a Vacation

By Brittni • posted on 03/04/2024

Aerial View of the Beach // Photo by Bernhard Lang

You know that little voice in your head that you start to hear when you’ve been working a lot? It kind of sounds like… “Hey, you should go lay down on the beach for a while and then drink (heavily) out of a coconut.”

Because I think I’m hearing that voice right now. And it’s getting more and more difficult to resist.

I’ll be headed to Houston in a few weeks to teach a DIY workshop with my friend, Ashley of Sugar & Cloth. Have you signed up yet? It’s going to be a fun one! Which will be a nice break. But I suspect that I’m going to need a completely work-free, sand in my toes, drink in my hand, vacation soon. What about you?

So today, I’m day dreaming of places that Jeff and I can travel to for a relaxing trip. Eight of them actually…

1. (above) Amazing aerial beach view from Bernhard Lang.

Lindquist Beach

2. Exploring Lindquist Beach.


3. The Maldives! Jaw, meet floor. Via Beers and Beans.

The Baths at Virgin Gorda

4. The Baths at Virgin Gorda.


5. Hawaii through the eyes of Coco and Mingo.

Trunk Bay in St John

6. View from Trunk Bay in St John.

Venice Beach

7. Venice Beach. Via Smitten Studio.

Anegada in the British Virgin Islands

8. Anegada in the British Virgin Islands. Via Local Milk.

Have any recommendations for me? Clearly, I’m on a tropical / beach kick. But I’m totally open to non-beachy places too. I just want to go somewhere fun, relaxing, and affordable. Any ideas?

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I really needed these reasons to read, to inspire myself for a vacation. Actually last I’ve made a vacation in December and I think in this April I’ll make another. So thanks for a nice contribution and I really enjoyed reading it.


My problem every year is “do I go to one of these amazing exotic, tropical locations…or just go home to Hawaii?!” I think this year I need to get out and explore one of these other beautiful travel options! Thank you for sharing my photo and experience! xoxo

Jessica (Coco & Mingo)

We just got back from a week in the Cayman Islands! It was definitely good for my soul!!


We’re planning a week at the shore in July and it’ll be the first week-long vacation for us in a long time. We had a mini-getaway to Vegas last April and now Facebook keeps taunting me with ads for trips to Vegas. It’s so tempting but I can’t wait to get some time off with my family including our little ones. Creating memories for them is one of my favorite things and I know they’ll so enjoy playing in the sand and taking strolls on the boardwalk.


You’re making me dream of a beach vaca now too! I love Hawaii, Grand Cayman, Martinique, Riviera Maya…well, pretty much any beach! Have you been to Costa Rica? We went there last year and I loved it! There was lots to do if you wanted to explore and the beaches were nice. Another perk was that it’s not that expensive!


I never really need a reason for wanting to take a vacation 😀 haha


That first photo has my heart all PITTER PATTER OMG! I’d take any of these destinations, actually. *Raises hand!*

Kelly @ Studio DIY

I’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii…and Australia…well, anyplace with a beach. lol

The CraftStar

Did you used to live there, Beth? I want to go back to visit so bad. Had a great time there last time we visited.


I knew that was the Virgin Islands the second I looked at the pic. Oh, how you’ve made me homesick for that little piece of paradise.


Haha. Right, Kirsty? That’s how I feel too.


Such beautiful places, can I go to them all? Haha!

Kirsty | www.kirsty.ws

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