Art Wall Alternative : How to Create a Book Wall

We have piles and piles of books at our house. Bookshelves are great, don’t get me wrong, but I have been itching for a new way to display our ever increasing book collection. And since I love the art wall idea so much, I decided a book wall would be an equally great solution. And the best part is, the books are still fully functional for reading. They can be taken down and put back up in just a few seconds.

If you already have the books and a few other very basic supplies, it won’t cost you a penny. *Book lovers: don’t worry. No books were harmed during the making of this project. So anyone can try it!

Materials: 1. Hardcover books 2. Velcro 3. Scissors 4. Level (optional)

How To: 1. Grab a handful of your favorite hardback books (yes- you’re going to want to use hardbacks. paperbacks don’t work as well). 2. Arrange them on the floor in various ways until you come up with a pattern that you like. 3. While keeping your books in their arrangement, individually cut and apply two strips of velcro to each book (use more if the book is especially heavy). One towards the top of the book and one towards the bottom, both horizontally. Each strip should be about one to two inches shorter than the width of your book. 4. Start at one end and move to the other, securing each book to the wall with the velcro strips, following the arrangement you created earlier on the floor. You can work from the middle out instead if you’d prefer. It doesn’t matter. A level might be a good tool to use as well if you have one. 5. Once everything is secure, you are done.

Now you can pull down a book and put it back up whenever you would like. And when you’re not reading, you have a colorful (and original) piece of wall art. Its a real conversation starter when you have company over.

For more ideas for quick and easy projects, click here to visit the tutorials page filled with more than 40 diys.

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Hi Susan. Yes, it will come off pretty easily. The only problem you may have is that if you have a lot of layers of paint built up on the wall the velcro is on, you may remove a layer or two of paint from the wall when you pull the velcro away.


I love this idea, but I live in an apartment. Will the velcro come off the wall easily?


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Hi Katie. Thanks so much for letting me know about your post. And (of course) for featuring my tutorial amongst all those other great ones. Have a great week. Thanks for stopping by.


I like this idea! I featured it on my blog! come check it out!


Great idea Julia. This would be perfect in a child’s bedroom. Imaginative and organizational. And thank you Monika for the compliment.


This would be so cute with children’s books!

Julia Spencer

This is a GREAT idea! I really love it. I have books everywhere, I love reading. Thanks for this!


Thank you Van, Stan, and Linda for your comments. And Van – I am sure you are being to hard on yourself, this project is so easy! Anyone can do it.


This is such a charming idea. And I love the color palette of those books.


This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time. And the bonus is that your books are still usable! Fab! Stan

Stan Williams -- The Elegant Thrifter

This idea is absolutely gorgeous! It looks so clean, tidy, and modern. Excellent design skill you have there! 🙂 If I tried this it would come out an eclectic mess, like a haunted library gone wrong.


Thanks Heather. I don’t know about you, but velcro is always one of those items that I know I have somewhere in the house, but it always takes me forever to find it. I need to make a special drawer for it or something because I use it all the time.


this is amazingly clever!! love it. so simple and chic. im digging for my stash of velcro right now!


Thank Pilli! I am so glad you like it. You’re right- this would be great for a workspace.


I really REALLY love this one!
Such a great way to keep your most inspiring books close to your working space!

pilli pilli

pilli pilli
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