All You Need is Love: 3 Budget Friendly Wedding Ideas for Spring

By Brittni • Updated on 02/23/2024

All you need is love: 3 budget friendly wedding ideas for spring. Click through for all three ideas. #wedding #flowers #weddingflowers #weddingdiy #diy
Wedding season is coming up soon and I just can’t resist dreaming up a few DIY projects to celebrate. So, if you’re getting hitched anytime soon or you just want to bookmark some ideas for the future, be sure to click through for 3 (brand new) budget-friendly DIY wedding ideas, in partnership with Brother and their P-touch Embellish machine.

What’s on the agenda? There’s a DIY wedding ring pillow, a DIY wedding bouquet, and exit toss confetti pouches (that will work for any celebration). Click through to see all 3 budget-friendly wedding projects!

All you need is love: 3 budget friendly wedding ideas for spring. Click through for all three ideas. #wedding #flowers #weddingflowers #weddingdiy #diy

Just a heads up – I used my P-touch Embellish machine for all three of these budget-friendly projects. And highly recommend it for any DIYing you might be doing in the future. I use it all the time (not just for wedding stuff) because it’s so handy for projects.

The machine allows you to personalize tape and ribbon with a selection of 14 fonts, 90+ borders, 400+ symbols, and 25 patterns. So, now that you know, here are 3 budget-friendly wedding ideas for spring…

DIY ring pillow for weddings. Click through for all three DIY wedding ideas. #wedding #weddingdiy #diy

1. How to Make a Wedding Ring Pillow

This wedding DIY only cost about $6 in materials to make!

Start by cutting two identical pieces of fabric or canvas into 5.5 inch squares. Then sew straight lines along the first three sides, backstitching at the beginning and end. Turn it right side out and stuff it with poly filling, then hand stitch the opened side.

Next, using your P-touch Embellish, create a satin ribbon message with a custom phrase, date, etc on it. I used the pink satin ribbon with gold lettering and went with the bride and groom’s name and the wedding date. Print the ribbon and attach in the middle to the ring pillow with a needle and thread. Go back and forth 5-7 times with the needle and thread to make sure the ribbon is super secure. Slide rings onto the ribbon and tie in a bow until the ceremony.

All you need is love: 3 budget friendly wedding ideas for spring. Click through for all three ideas. #wedding #flowers #weddingflowers #weddingdiy #diy

2. How to Make a Wedding Bouquet + Personalized Ribbon Message

With inexpensive in-season flowers, you can make a mid-size bouquet (about the size of the one I made), for $50 or less. Which is pretty good for a wedding bouquet. The cost of this wedding DIY largely depends on the types of flowers you buy for your bouquet and whether they’re in season or not. 

I’ve been making bouquets so long that I don’t even take pictures of the steps anymore. But if you need some visual guidance for the bouquet itself, I’ve outlined the process here: how to make a floral bouquet. Basically, you want to work with a variety of blooms and alternate adding those in. To form the bouquet and keep things full, cross the stems to form an X over and over again, being sure to work your way around the perimeter as you go. Once finished, add a thin rubber band around all of the stems to keep the flowers in place and rest in a vase of water for the time-being.

Then you can make the custom ribbon to wrap around the bouquet. Like the other projects in this post, I used the P-touch Embellish to print on navy satin ribbon with gold lettering. I went with “All You Need Is Love”, but you can type in anything that’s meaningful to you. Then, I just printed it out and wrapped it around the bouquet (right over the top of the rubber band so that it couldn’t be seen) and double knotted it. Trim off any excess ribbon if desired and you’re ready to walk down the aisle. Just maybe don’t wait until the actual day of your wedding to create your bouquet, like I did. Yep, I actually made my wedding bouquet (and all of the bridesmaid bouquets) the day of my wedding – clearly something is wrong with me. Ha.

All you need is love: 3 budget friendly wedding ideas for spring. Click through for all three ideas. #wedding #weddingdiy #diy

3. How to Make Wedding Exit Toss Confetti Pouches

The cost for materials for each confetti pouch was under $1 (ranging from 40-99 cents per bag depending on how many you buy at once).

I love this idea because it’s such an easy way to add a personalized touch to your wedding day. I dyed super affordable, pre-made muslin bags (like these -mine are 4×6) in a simple dye bath. Instructions for dyeing fabric here: how to dye pretty much anything. And then, once washed and dried, I removed the tiny cotton strings, ripped a larger hole in the top sides with a seam ripper, and used a needle with a big eye to thread a custom message ribbon through the top.

I again used the pink satin ribbon with gold lettering, but I think the white satin ribbon with gold lettering would have been really pretty for this one as well.

DIY wedding pouches for the exit confetti toss! Click through for the tutorial. #wedding #flowers #weddingflowers #weddingdiy #diy

DIY ring pillow idea for weddings. Click through for the tutorial. #wedding #weddingdiy #diy

DIY wedding ideas! Click through for 3 budget friendly wedding ideas for spring. #wedding #weddingdiy #diy

And that’s it – 3 budget-friendly DIY wedding projects to send you into wedding season. Have a favorite? Let me know! Which one of these wedding DIYs caught your eye most?

This post is in partnership with Brother. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Paper & Stitch running.







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