Candy Cane Mini Donuts for the Holidays

By Brittni • Updated on 12/01/2014

Candy Cane Mini Donuts

Remember that red velvet peppermint cake from last Christmas?

Well, I couldn’t stop thinking about that combination of cake and candy canes. So, I remixed the original and turned ’em into cake donuts.

These were so good, I (literally) ate three while I was still taking pictures of everything. No self control over here, it’s cool.

And it turns out, these mini donuts fit perfectly on top of espresso cups, as an edible lid. Everyone drinks their coffee this way, right?

So, you should probably make these immediately.

Candy Cane Mini Donuts

Want to make your own? Here’s how…

All you need are some mini cake donuts (homemade or store-bought), icing (again, homemade or store-bought) , and candy canes.

Just warm up the icing in the microwave for 10-20 second and stir with a spoon. This will make it super easy to pour the icing onto the donuts.

Then, pour the icing directly onto the donuts, individually. You can use a rack for this part if you have one, if not, just use a large plate and then move each donut onto another plate after it’s had a few minutes to cool. This will keep the icing from forming a giant pocket in the hole of the donut.

Next, crush up some candy canes with the back of a wood or metal spoon. Then, sprinkle the candy cane pieces onto each donut before the icing hardens, so that the candy sticks to the icing.

Candy Cane Mini Donuts

Candy Cane Mini Donuts

Candy Cane Mini Donuts

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Think you’ll give these donuts a try during the holidays, this year?

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These are so cute!


Aww, they’re so cute! (:

– Love, Felicia


The coffee mugs are so cute!

Jenn |

Jenn Kelly

Yummy *-*

The Queen of Dreaming

What stunners. They’re almost too beautiful to eat!

Sarah | Broma Bakery

I finally found a mini donut pan here in Perth, Australia after months of searching – looks like I’ve found my first recipe to try! These look delicious and they’ll be perfect for my verrrry large family gathering this Christmas!

Laura Macaulay


Andres Poiche

Thanks for the inspiration – they look great! I love candy canes.

Sarah @ Bonjoursucre

They are really pretty!


Looks amazingly delicious ! Great photos <3


I love donuts but these are a whole new kind of love! They look delicious!


Monique | WritingMonique

You should definitely give this a try, Yolonda. These are so delicious.


I want some. Looks festive and delicious.

Yolonda j Washington

You know it, Barb!


Anything candy cane!


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candy cane christmas donuts | once upon a Monday

Haha. Glad to hear that, Sydney.


I showed these to my husband and he is now obsessed! Thanks for the inspo!
xoxo Sydney at Indie & Co.

Sydney McFerron at Twine Interiors

Couldn’t agree more, Leah.


I say, the more peppermint the better this time of year!

Leah / Freutcake

Thanks Akiko. 🙂


This is such a cute idea and very unique! Perfect for the holiday seasons. xo akiko
Style Imported


Oh, cool. Yes, you should definitely try the edible lid thing than, Jaclyn.


I have these espresso cups from Crate and Barrel too and love them. Now I have to put together these donuts to lid them at our next brunch! Would be great for a work party too; fancy without the fuss!

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