DIY: Make a 3-D Paper Punch Tag

By Patty • posted on 02/12/2024

This contributor post was written by Patty of P.S. it’s in the details.

This DIY will show you how to make a fun, three-dimensional tag using a large paper punch. My tag features a bird punch, but you could also use a flower or butterfly punch. When the holidays roll around, apply the same technique with larger sized holiday-themed punches! (I’m envisioning leaf shapes for Autumn,  tree shapes for Christmas and even heart shapes for Valentines day.)

Here are the materials you will need:

1. large paper punch 2. kraft cardstock 3. fabric scrap 4. paper trimmer 5. sewing machine 6. hot glue gun 7. 1/4″ hole punch 8. polyfill stuffing 9. embellishments of your choice

Here is how you make it:

1. Trim the kraft cardstock into two 4″ x 4″ pieces. Cut a scrap of fabric to cover the punch shape but fit inside the edges of the cardstock.

2. Punch out your shape on one of the cardstock pieces.

3. Apply a bit of adhesive to four corners on the back of the punched cardstock where the fabric edges will be. This will help hold the fabric scrap in place temporarily.

4. Press the scrap of fabric onto the back of the punched cardstock piece. Make sure the fabric is facing the right way in the punched hole.

5. Use a sewing machine to stitch around the punched shape. I made two passes around to make sure the fabric stays in place.

6. Run a bead of hot glue around the outside of the punched shape on the back of the cardstock. Place a small amount of polyfill stuffing on top of the fabric area that is exposed by the punch.

7. Work quickly to position the second cardstock piece over the first, sandwiching the stuffing between the two cardstock pieces. Press down around the shape, where the hot glue is located on the inside, to give the three dimensional effect in the punched area – the fabric will ‘puff up’ because of the polyfill, creating a neat effect.

8. Use the adhesive to tack down the corners that are still loose. Punch a hole with the 1/4″ hole punch in the top of the tag.

9. Embellish!

I rounded the corners on the top of my tag and inked around the edges. I added a white hole reinforce and a tangerine colored ribbon. I hot glued a pretty, hot pink sequined trim across the bottom of my tag. I have a package of self-adhesive flat-back pearls, and I used a tangerine colored one for my bird’s eye. I also made a cute, yellow sun in the top corner. I’ll show you how to make one, in case you’d like to use that as an embellishment on your tag.

Start with a rectangular scrap of yellow fabric. Bunch one side together so the other side fans out, and then staple the bunched area to the corner of the card.

Trim the excess yellow ribbon flush with the edges of the tag. Hot glue a large, yellow button in the corner, hiding the staples.

Easy! You can also add a stamped sentiment, like I did, using tiny alphabet stamps. My little birdie is saying ‘tweet’, but you can personalize your tag to say whatever you would like.

I hope this post will inspire you to create all kinds of cute, three dimensional paper punch tags!

About Patty: Patty Schaffer is the owner of P.S. it’s in the details, an Etsy shop where you can find creative paper things that will make you ooooo and ahhh! Her shop specializes in paper accents for scrapbooking, card making, gift giving and home decor. Patty also shares DIY and craft projects, news on upcoming shop releases and other fun things on her blog, Capture the Details.

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Love this idea! Substitute recycled cereal/cracker boxes for the kraft cardstock. You could also cut out your own shapes with an exacto knife — the sky’s the limit! 🙂

Beth K

This is really cute! I really like the fabric you used 🙂

Nati Veneziani

RT @papernstitch: DIY: Make a 3-D Paper Punch Tag: This contributor post was written by Patty of P.S. it’s in…

(@iam_artisan) (@iam_artisan)

Oh. Das ist ja mal ein DIY, das ich gnaaaadenlos hässlich finde. Warum sollte man das machen wollen?

Ellen (@Barfussprinzess)

“@papernstitch: DIY: Make a 3-D Paper Punch Tag: This contributor post was written by Patty of P.S. it’s in…†lovely!!

kate_bevan (@kate_bevan)

These tags are so cute!! I love how you sewed everyting together, it adds such great simple detail. It is definitely a better alternative to the usual glue. This would be a great idea to add to any sort of gift, it really personalizes something simple.

McKenna Ryan
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