{DIY} Pocket Size Letterpress Sketchbook

By Brittni • Updated on 02/12/2024

Anything pocket-sized is cool with me. Grab it and go types of things. And of course, letterpress is always a plus. So I combined a couple of my favorite things for today’s diy: a pocket size letterpress sketchbook. Its similar to a project I did for 100 Layer Cake a while back, but I switched some things around to accommodate for a more practical everyday item…

What do I need to make this?

Materials: Needle and thread (or embroidery floss), scissors, blank sheets of paper (consider using a thicker weight than standard printer paper) and blank letterpress cards. Optional: bookbinding awl and paper cutter. The most important materials though are the letterpress cards that you choose. I chose a blind embossed eyelet lace set from Pistachio Press. Look for letterpress sets with multiple cards to save even more money, and use an A2 size card (4.25 x 5.5 inches).

How do I make this?

Steps (above for images): 1. Measure the letterpress cards you are using, and then with a paper cutter or a pair of scissors, cut the sheet in half horizontally. Now you have two halves of paper that are of equal size.

2. Trim about 1/4 inch off of your newly cut sheets all the way around the edges. Then fold sheets in half (hamburger style this time) and stick the pages inside your letterpress card.

3. Trim any excess so that it fits neatly into your letterpress card. There shouldn’t be too many problems with that though since we already trimmed the pages before folding them in half.

4. Next, turn to the middle section of your newly formed booklet. Using a stab or bookbinding awl, create three evenly spaced holes down the spine of your booklet.

5. Use your needle and thread or embroidery floss to go through the three holes as if you are binding a book. Then tie the thread or embroidery floss off and cut off any excess. Thats it- all done. Here’s the finished product…

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I think it just means medium thickness paper stock that a letter press may be used on for wedding invites or formal materials.

Bennett Jones

What is a letterpress card????????

Shirley E.

Hi Yvie. You bring up a great point. What you would do is while everything is assembled, you would poke three holes down the middle (evenly spaced) where the fold of the paper is. Then using your needle and thread, so through the first hole from the inside, tie a knot at the end and then take your thread through the second hole and then the third. Then take your thread from the third hole back up to the first, tie it off, cut off the excess, and you are done. If I have some extra time in the coming weeks, I will create a real tutorial (fingers crossed). But until then, I hope this helps. 🙂


Love this little tutorial, however, you skip a step for us newbies. You say to thread the notebook as if you were binding a book. What on earth does that mean?! I tried googling book binding techniques and they all seem alot mor complicated than how your finished picture looks. Could you post a mini tutorial of how you bind this?



Sue, I purchased the cards with the letterpress design already on them.

Brittni: papernstitch

Did you get the pattern on those pages by dry embossing over the crocheted doilies? Or did you buy the cards from that company with the embossing on them? If so, what are the doilies in the pictures used for?


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Ji Debenedictis

Little books, yes, how I love them. Wish I had a pile of letterpressed cards like those beautiful ones to play with… 🙂 Thanks for the tutorial!


This is a very sweet little book I think that so many people would love getting one in the mail!


[…] of Paper n Stitch shows how to put together a simple little pocket size letterpress sketchbook with heavy stock paper and a letterpress card. I love that the technique can really be used with […]

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[…] of Paper n Stitch shows how to put together a simple little pocket size letterpress sketchbook with heavy stock paper and a letterpress card. I love that the technique can really be used with […]

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Woops- you are right Rae. Thanks for catching that. I just fixed it.


Great tutorial! I will definitely try this out.
But in step 2 when you say “hotdog style this time” I think it’s still hamburger style, or the pages would be long and skinny and not fold like the card.


Oh love this! Great if you want to dabble in book binding w/o investing in all the equipment.

Miriam at Made Right Guide
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