A Unique DIY Shelving Idea: How to Make Wood Half Circle Shelves

By Brittni • posted on 09/21/2018

A Unique DIY Shelving Idea: How to Make Wood Half Circle Shelves. Click through for the tutorial. #diyshelving #diy #diyhome #woodproject #diywoodproject #uniqueshelving #mutedhousewares #diywallart

Continuing my obsession with DIY wood projects, I’m sharing this wood half circle DIY shelving idea that is a great beginners project for anyone wanting to dip their toes into the wood DIYs. Remember them from the sneak peek of the nursery?

You can keep the finished shelves raw or paint them like I did with mine, for a completely different look. Click through for the tutorial!

DIY Idea// How to make wood half circle shelves. Click through for the tutorial. #diyshelving #diy #diyhome #woodproject #diywoodproject #uniqueshelving #mutedhousewares #diywallart



1. Start by finding the center of the wood circle and marking it off, all the way across with a pencil and a straightedge.

2. Then, using a mini circular saw or something similar, cut the wood directly on that line. This will leave you with two identical pieces of wood – both half circles. Sand any areas that may need it, either

3. Attach the two halves of the wood as shown in the photo, with wood glue. And use table clamps to kept two pieces securely together until completely dry. Wipe any areas where the glue leaked through the seams before it’s dry with a damp cloth.

*I forgot to take a picture of the table clamps in action for this one, but I promise they really help! I use them every time I do a wood project that involves glue.

4. Once the wood glue has had ample time to dry / cure (follow instructions on label, but generally 24 hours should be plenty), paint the entire shelf with 1-2 coats of paint. I always use a paint and primer in one to save time, so I don’t have to prime first.

5. Once dry, add two picture frame hooks to back and it’s ready to hang. If using the shelf mainly for decoration and not for anything heavy, you could also use heavy-duty command strips instead, like these.

A Unique DIY Shelving Idea: How to Make Wood Half Circle Shelves. Click through for the tutorial. #diyshelving #diy #diyhome #woodproject #diywoodproject #uniqueshelving #mutedhousewares #diywallart

A Unique DIY Shelving Idea: How to Make Wood Half Circle Shelves. Click through for the tutorial. #diyshelving #diy #diyhome #woodproject #diywoodproject #uniqueshelving #mutedhousewares #diywallart

A Unique DIY Shelving Idea: How to Make Wood Half Circle Shelves. Click through for the tutorial. #diyshelving #diy #diyhome #woodproject #diywoodproject #uniqueshelving #mutedhousewares #diywallart

A Unique DIY Shelving Idea: How to Make Wood Half Circle Shelves. Click through for the tutorial. #diyshelving #diy #diyhome #woodproject #diywoodproject #uniqueshelving #mutedhousewares #diywallart

Photography Amelia Lawrence and Brittni Mehlhoff

Think you’ll give this DIY shelves a try? Would you paint them like I did or do exposed wood?

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I recently stumbled upon this unique DIY shelving idea that I couldn’t resist trying out. The concept of making wood half circle shelves intrigued me, especially since it was recommended as a great project for beginners. As someone who loves exploring DIY wood projects, I was excited to give it a go. The step-by-step instructions provided were clear and easy to follow, making the process enjoyable and hassle-free. The end result was absolutely stunning, and the shelves added a touch of elegance to my nursery. I highly recommend this project to anyone looking for a simple yet impressive DIY endeavor.

Small Drink

I agree the tutorial would have been more helpful with a photo of clamp (and hook) placement in addition to the four photos of the finished product with different things on them. I have a clamp that I don’t think will work so seeing or reading what type was used and how would make this usable. The whole part was basically omitted which defeats the purpose of a how-to.


Hi JP. So sorry to hear this was a fail for you. I totally meant to include a photo of the clamping, but I don’t think we remembered to snap one for this. It’s hard sometimes to get a photo of every single step. The clamps were pushing the two pieces together pretty tightly, once configured in the shelf shape.


Hey there,
So I tried this DIY and failed. How do you clamp them? One of mine stuck to the table and the other was so off from 90 degrees it wasn’t worth saving. I really wish you had instruction on how and where to clamp. Could you provide an illustration maybe? Thanks!

Janelle Perusi

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such a cute project! would you share the paint brand and colors? i’m thinking I need that green in my life!
thank you.

Joan Clanton

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Thanks Ursula.


Super cool and modern, I love the color you chose and I would paint them too!

Ursula Rosien

Thanks Michelle! I appreciate that. 🙂


I love the simplicity of those shelves, they look so good!


Hi Katie. Thanks! I didn’t make it…bought from At Home.


Love that wall hanging! Did you make it?


Glad to hear that Mike! These would be great for a guest bedroom…maybe even as small side tables next to the bed?


These shelves look great! I’ve been waiting on an idea for a way to spruce up my guest bedroom – I think this a few of these shelves would work perfectly. 🙂

Thanks for sharing!

– Mike, www.thecraftygentleman.net

Mike from The Crafty Gentleman
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