Easter Goody Bags for Kids

By Brittni • Updated on 02/15/2024

Put together these Easter goody bags for an Easter celebration and had my son paint all the gift tags.

Colorful Easter goody bags lined up on a wood table

When it comes to goody bags and party favors, the more handmade elements the better imo. So as an after school project, a couple weeks before Easter, I had Hayes paint some egg shaped wooden gift tags.

We’re always painting and crafting, so it was just another ‘canvas’ to paint on. Super easy and straightforward.

They turned out really cute, so I wanted to share…

Child painting egg shaped wooden tags for Easter

The fact that these Easter treat bags can be tweaked for literally any holiday party or goody bag idea make them a huge win in my book.

I could picture something similar working really well for birthday party favors, Christmas goody bags, Valentine’s Day treat bags, even Halloween party bags.

They make so many different wooden tag shapes for holidays and special occasions.

As you can probably guess, there’s not much to this project. But I wanted to share my sources, in case you want to do something similar. Here you go…

Easter Goody Bags

  1. I found the cool speckle dyed bags on a recent trip to Palm Springs. Found them at a place called Mojave Flea and the brand is All Roads. I checked All Roads website and couldn’t find the bags online, but they’re dyed the same way these silk bandanas are made. I love the subtle pattern.
  2. The felt carrots are from a felt Easter garland that I took a part. 
  3. I found the wooden egg blanks at a local craft store. But these are very similar and they already have holes in them! The ones I bought didn’t have holes, so I had to drill through each one with a small drill bit to turn them into tags.
  4. Last but not least, I used yarn I had leftover from a previous project to attach the felt carrots to the Easter egg tags and the drawstring on the bags themselves.

Drawstring canvas bags with colorful pink carrot on top and handprinted Easter egg tag

Painted wooden Easter egg tags with paint palette and felt carrots   Easter goodie bags lined up on a table, with colorful carrots and Easter egg shaped gift tags  

Colorful Easter goodie bags, with decorative felt carrots

Hope this was helpful. Happy Easter!   

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