Fiddle Me Timbers: 7 Drool-Worthy Interiors with Fiddle Leaf Figs

By Brittni • Updated on 02/14/2024


Love it or hate it. Fiddle leaf fig trees are still the best game in town, when it comes to cool plants. They look good in every room I have ever seen them in. Seriously. Every room.

So, I think they deserve their own Interior Obsessions post. Don’t you? Here are 7 ways that fiddle leaf figs still have my heart…

1. (above) A short and stubby FLF (fiddle leaf fig) in Vogue.


2. A mammoth monster on Kitka.


3. A little baby fiddle leaf fig on Trendenser.


4. Nobody puts baby in the corner. Unless ‘baby’ is a FLF. Then, of course, it looks pretty great. Image via Emily Henderson’s blog.


5. This FLF likes to read over your shoulder, while your sitting in your reading chair. Image via Making it Lovely.


6. And another corner fiddle leaf fig tree on Smitten Studio.

jennifer causey

7. And the FLF trophy goes to…this guy! Image via Lolitas.

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Mine is struggling!! Wish he looked like those… gorgeous x


fig trees are absolutely darling! after we move, we might have to add one of those to our little family. thanks for sharing. these totally deserved their own post!

love, arielle
a simple elegance


Hi Janey. That was an accident…I wrote the bulk of this post last night and clearly was more tired than I thought. 🙂 Anyway, I changed the two places that I referenced ‘fern’, when I actually meant ‘fig’. Appreciate you catching that.


I don’t know how you managed to find so many photos of this tree in different decor settings! However…. You keep calling them ferns and its driving me crazy.. Lol


Thanks for stopping by, Abby and Sarah. I am (still) obsessed with FLF as well.


I am so obsessed! The combination of the tree, interesting pillows, and painting in the first image makes me want to change the living room right now!


So beautiful, I love FLF! xx

Abby / Eärendil

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