Bite Me: Toasted Marshmallow Girl Scout Cookie Sandwiches

By Brittni • posted on 07/07/2021

Toasted Marshmallow Girl Scout Cookie Sandwiches

Last week, Jeff walked into the house with a smile on his face and four or five boxes of Girl Scout cookies. That’s how we roll apparently. Anything for the children. 🙂  So I’ve been trying to come up with some creative ways to use them in recipes / dessert ideas, before we resort to freezing the extras.

My first thought was ice cream sandwiches, but Eden beat me to it with an awesome recipe. So, round two…toasted marshmallow sandwiches.

I’ve definitely made my fair share of marshmallow related desserts. Possibly even to the point of overkill? Nah! But I thought these would be fun, nonetheless. And easy. And delicious.

Toasted Marshmallow Girl Scout Cookie Sandwiches

Shortbread and Toasted Marshmallow Sandwiches

All you need to make your own are these two things: a box of Girl Scout cookies (I used thin mints and shortbread (also known as Trefoils) and a bag of marshmallows.

Toast the marshmallows over an open flame (perfect excuse to get a campfire going before the temperatures start to heat up again). Then sandwich the marshmallow between two cookies. Done!

If you’re feeling fancy, you could always add chocolate and caramel for a s’more sandwich. Especially good with the shortbread cookies!

Thin Mint and Toasted Marshmallow Sandwiches

Toasted Marshmallow Girl Scout Cookie Sandwiches

Thin Mint and Toasted Marshmallow Sandwiches

Toasted Marshmallow Girl Scout Cookie Sandwiches

Toasted Marshmallow Shortbread Sandwiches

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

What do you think? Have any other ideas/ recipes for Girl Scout cookies? I’d love to hear ’em.

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if you freeze the thin mints, then put the hot roasted marshmallow between them, let it sit for a moment before eating, you get a combo of cold, hot and melted chocolate.


omg, looks freakin’s delicious! I’m craving for marshmallows now.


Oh wow, these look absolutely delicious! I’ve never tried Girl Scout cookies as I live in the UK so I’d love to try these.

Emily // UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blog



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Yeahhhh I have a box of Girl Scout cookies that is now crying for some marshmallow action. Only you could make Girl Scout cookies even MORE delicious, B!!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

i have yet to catch the girl scout cookie craze and i think im okay skipping it but a) these look SO good i might just have to cave and b) freeze the extras!? whaaat!
is there anything you cant freeze!?


Oh. My. God. The shortbread ones. Hold on, let me wipe my mouth….

xo Ashley


I’ve been staring at the box of lemon girl scout cookies on my kitchen table for the last few days wondering what to do with them and this post has given me a few ideas.

Thank you!


Omg, looks so yummy!!


Haha. That is definitely the first time anyone has ever called me that, Alexandria. But I’ll take it. 🙂


I never would have thought to do this, I now consider you a culinary genius. I am in love with thin mints. I buy about five boxes a year, and hide them around the house so my husband can’t find them. I am quite stingy with them!


Right? I’ve been eating the leftovers from this shoot nonstop.


oh man, just when I thought that Girl Scout cookies couldnt get any better!

Stephanie R

Those irish cream ice cream thin mints look so good, Eden! I’ll send you some of these and you send me some of those. 🙂


Haha! Brittni, this made me laugh! I have to say these look even BETTER!! Genius idea! Send a few this way will ya?!


Haha. Oh yes, I did. 🙂 Samoas and Tagalongs would be perfect for this too. Good thinking, Rachel.


Oh no you DIDN’T! What an amazing idea! As a former Girl Scout I thoroughly approve! Mmmmm I bet samoas would taste amazing as a s’more. That toasted coconut and caramel. Or tagalongs! With the peanut butter and chocolate? Amazing. There are girl scouts selling cookies on every street corner in Savannah, GA (where I live) because we have the birth place of Juliette Low in the city. Sigh… there goes my diet.

xo Rachel

Rachel from Rose Tinted Home

Thanks Sarah.


Incredible! I’m obsessed with anything chocolate 😉

x Sarah

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