Hair Brained: Gold Hoop Hair, Don’t Care

By Brittni • posted on 06/05/2017

DIY Hair Tutorial: A Fishtail Pony Braid with Gold Hoop Hair Accessory

I’m all about a low maintenance hairdo that still looks put-together. And this hair tutorial is definitely in line with that mantra. It involves using a simple gold hoop (I think it cost $2 on Amazon) as a decorative hair clip and simple fishtail braid.

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Gold Hoop Hair Tutorial

Starting with lightly textured hair (you can use a texturing spray, also great with second day hair), pull hair through your hoop and wrap it around, pulling it through a second time.

Using bobby pins secure the hoop on each side, criss-crossing your bobby pins to help keep them secure. You can also spray your bobby pins lightly with hairspray to give them extra sticking power.

Taking a small section from your pony and braid it into a fishtail braid and pull sections on each side to keep it soft and messy. that’s it. Super simple!

DIY Hair Tutorial: A Fishtail Pony Braid with Gold Hoop Hair Accessory

P.S. I’ve been thinking about chopping my hair pretty short recently. Like really short. BUT I’m about 90% sure I’m not going to do it. Do you ever want to do something crazy with your hair, but your brain just won’t let you?! Sometimes I just feel like I need a change, but then I’m like, wait….I don’t know if I like change. 🙂 Anyway, while my hair is still long, I’ll be rocking this look whenever I can. Even though it looks better on Machaelie than it will on me.

DIY Hair Tutorial: A Fishtail Pony Braid with Gold Hoop Hair Accessory

DIY Hair Tutorial: A Fishtail Pony Braid with Gold Hoop Hair Accessory

Hair Rachel Brewer
Photography Amelia Tatnall Lawrence
Model Machaelie Hay

Think you’d give something like this a try? What do you think of the gold hoop as a hair accessory?

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I’ve had long hair, short hair, a bob …I do whatever I feel. It’s just hair, it will grow back! After having short hair for over a decade, I just grew it back out.


I did something crazy with my hair by letting it grow long even though I am older, in my sixties. Everyone recommends keeping your hair short at this age saying it makes you look younger. Well, I love it long and no, it doesn’t make you look older. Actually short hair would make me look older. I hadn’t worn it this long since I was in my twenties. I am fortunate to have healthy thick hair so it looks better than ever. Thank you for a great style that would be perfect for me. I am going to look for that gold hoop. By the way, your hair looks great!


I am very impressed with the simplify of the procedure and the elegance of the results! Have never seen this hoop before. Any tips on where I might find one?


I’m always wanting to chop my hair really short! But I always chicken out. I love the gold hoop idea – looks way better than my boring old hair bands I usually use!


Thanks Rena and Michelle. It was a fun (and super easy) hair tutorial to whip up.


It looks spectacular, I wish I had long hair to do this!


I know this wish so well and can only recommend that you don’t do it! Love this hairstyle. Thanks for sharing.
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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