Good Idea: How to use a Cheese Grater to Stay Organized

Okay, I know this sounds weird, but its actually a really cool use for an everyday item. Turn a metal grater into a mini magnetic memo board and catch all, just like the ones above.

All you need to recreate this look is a metal grater (I like these vintage ones from AMradio), magnets, and perhaps a skinny vase (optional) to catch your scissors and pencils.

What do you think? Would you use a metal cheese grater like this in your office?

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BRILLIANT! I love the plain metal, but they would look great painted as well!


Oh Deanna, I love that idea. What color do you think would look best? White is my “go to” color personally.


That…is an amazing idea! You find so many of these while thrifting! But I ponder…does the environment that these sit in have to be pristine, clean, and modern to prevent this still life from looking like a corner of the house from Sanford & Son? 😀


You bring up a good point Van. I definitely think these would work better when they are the contrast to a more modern surrounding. Thanks for your thoughts!


such a nice idea … in our apartment building there’s a box in the corridor, where all the neighbours collect things they don’t need anymore so someone else could use them.
so, guess what i pick today 🙂



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I would be afraid I’d scrape up my fingers and knuckles reaching for things!

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bigger ones painted white could also do a nice job as lampshades …



I love this idea! Actually this image is among my Etsy favorites 🙂 I adore it all the way. I’ve also used small ones with a tea candle light underneath. The light that comes out is just beautiful!
Lovely post Brittny ~ happy holiday season to you :)xx

ivy style33

…sorry dear….Brittni 😉

ivy style33

I think this is awesome.

Jessica Zigenis

White is my go-to color as well, but a mustard yellow would be lovely! Or paint them chartreuse and hang mini ornaments in the holes to create a faux-Christmas tree!


re Grater Tree: The grater handle could be bent into a point to really make it obvious. Just pull up in the middle and, viola! Grater Tree!


also makes a great stand for magnets 🙂

alexandra keller

I really would! Its so funky and unusual…but in a common everyday way. I love it! Plus its actually the sort of thing that would work as a boy present which I am really struggling with for Christmas…


Very nice idea!!

Carolina Bernardo

Very cool!

Tali Schiffer

This is a really creative and resourceful idea! But I know how clumsy I am, so I’m sure I would injure myself at least a few times if I tried to use graters as storage containers. :]


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