Holiday Hair, Don’t Care: Simple Holiday Hair Two Ways in 10 Minutes

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

Simple Holiday Hair Two Ways in 10 Minutes #holidayhair #hairtutorial #holidaybeauty #updo

I’ve seen a lot of hair tutorials for the holidays popping up lately, but the ones that look chic are anything but effortless to throw together in a hurry. And I for one don’t have 45 extra minutes laying around to get my hair looking just right before flying out the door for holiday parties, etc. What about you?

So, today’s holiday hair tutorial is simple AND quick… Kind of a no-fuss holiday (or non holiday) hair scenario, two ways in 10 minutes! Click through for the tutorial.

Simple Holiday Hair Two Ways in 10 Minutes #holidayhair #hairtutorial #holidaybeauty #updo

Simple Holiday Hair Two Ways in 10 Minutes #holidayhair #hairtutorial #holidaybeauty #updo


Section hair and pull top half into a pony, as shown, with a rubber band. Then wrap a small length of hair from your ponytail around the rubber band to cover it and tuck the end back into the underside of the rubber band.

Next, tease the ponytail toward the top. Then, tie all hair together with a rubber band to form a low pony. Tease toward the top of the pony again. At this point, you can leave the ponytail as is OR pin up the tail of the pony – rolling and tucking the remaining hair underneath and pinning with bobby pins. Spray with hairspray for maximum hold.

Simple Holiday Hair Two Ways in 10 Minutes #holidayhair #hairtutorial #holidaybeauty #updo

Simple Holiday Hair Two Ways in 10 Minutes #holidayhair #hairtutorial #holidaybeauty #updo

Simple Holiday Hair Two Ways in 10 Minutes #holidayhair #hairtutorial #holidaybeauty #updo

Hair by Rachel Brewer
Photography by Amelia Tatnall Lawrence

Which one do you like most? All up or the half up pony?

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Love the fully up-do hairstyle! Just gorgeous!

Rebecca |

Peppermint Dolly

I love this hair style. Simple is the best.


wow, really beautiful and easy styles. Love the way how you explain step by step. Keep sharing more styles for summer holidays.

Emily Wiston

I prefer up…..I am also over sixty, length of hair below shoulder blades and I just prefer a finished look. This was easy enough for me to do by myself. Thanks for sharing.


Great Leigh!


Love it both ways. As I am over sixty and get much warmer I would put mine up. I will try it for Thanksgiving. Thanks

Leigh Couture

Agreed Claudiamarie. It’s a nice change of pace from the typical top knot.


Love this style, my hair is waist length and this is simple and a change from just throwing hair up in a knot. thanks


Thanks Michelle. 🙂


Love the styles, they’re so easy yet look so elegant! Thanks for sharing!

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