The Cooler Little Brother of Holiday Cards Everywhere (Holiday Printable)

By Brittni • posted on 12/05/2014


I’ve never been the type of girl that takes a family photo and turns it into a card for the holidays. It’s just not my thing. BUT I’m not opposed to sending out a quick message to friends and family to let them know I’m thinking of them, this time of year. I’m not a monster. Gees.

The only problem with that, is that I’m usually so preoccupied with holiday projects and Christmas shopping that I forget to send something out. Which is why this year, I’m thinking ahead and doing something that is TOO easy to ignore…holiday postcards! Because postcards are basically the cooler younger brother of holiday cards. Let’s face it.

If you’re as forgetful or lazy as I am about these things, this one’s for you. I’ve partnered with Avery to create a free postcard printable that you can use too. So, all you have to do is download the PDF, grab a pack of these Avery blank postcards,  and print!

The postcards are perforated, so you won’t even need scissors.


Bonus! You can use these as giant present tags and holiday notes too, if you already have your holiday snail mail planned out.




Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Download MERRY Holiday Postcard Printable

P.S. We’re getting our Christmas tree this weekend – I always look forward to picking out a tree, so that should be fun. What are you up to? Anything holiday related?


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Thanks Annette. I’ve had them so long, I don’t remember…I think they may be from Present & Correct.


Fun project! Btw where are the cool “gem” rubber stamps from?


Thanks Jessica. Nothing wrong with photo cards at all, but awesome that you’re going the postcard route this year.


SO cute. Love the simplistic design. The holidays are unusually flying right past me this year. I’ll totally admit I’m a photo card sender (because it’s a good excuse for the hubby to wear a ridiculous ugly sweater, of course), but this is a route I might find myself taking this year! Thanks for the share.

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