How to Add Store-Bought Succulents to Any Bouquet on a Budget

DIY // How to Add Store-Bought Succulents to Any Bouquet on a Budget

The other day, I was wandering around the hardware store and found a bunch of mini succulents for a few dollars a piece. I really, really don’t need anymore succulents at this point, BUT (apparently) I can’t resist any item under $5. Whether I need it or not.

So, I brought home a few of these little guys and decided to try my own version of a succulent bouquet…on a budget. You can wire up the succulents super easily and use them just like a normal flower in a bouquet, but I have a couple of tips and tricks to help you out if you’re looking for a guide…

DIY // How to Add Store-Bought Succulents to Any Bouquet on a Budget

DIY // How to Add Store-Bought Succulents to Any Bouquet on a Budget

Here’s how to create wire stems for potted succulents in just a few minutes…

Start by removing each succulent from the starter pot they came in. Then carefully remove all the soil from the roots of the succulent as best you can. I preserved as much of the roots as I could for each succulent, so that I could re-pot them long after the flowers from the bouquet have died. Rinse off the soil from the remaining roots as best you can and pat dry.

Then, using a medium gauge floral wire, pierce all the way through the bottom stem area of each succulent. You want the wire to go through the stem at the thickest point possible. Pull the end of the floral wire through the other side, once its start to poke through, and bend each end of the wire downward once the sides of the wire are an even length.

Twist the wire together to create a sturdy stem for the succulent. Now that the succulent has a wire stem, you can use it just as you would a regular flower in a bouquet.


Ranunculus, Nigella, and Queen Anne's Lace

To create the finished bouquet I used 6 ranunculus, 1 stem of queen anne’s lace, 1 stem of nigella, and 3 wired succulents. For tips on how I typically put bouquets together, visit this post: how to make a giant floral bouquet.

Total cost of this bouquet: $27

DIY // Ranunculus + Succulents Bouquet

How to make a ranunculus and succulents centerpiece

DIY ranunculus and succulents bouquet

Photography by Brittni Mehlhoff and Linda Jednaszewski
Concept and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Think you’ll give this budget bouquet a try? 

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Thanks Amanda! Where these photos were taken has a lot of natural light, which really helps with getting those airy / light-filled photos. I also edit them in Lightroom to help brighten / adjust exposure, etc when needed. Hope that helps.


This bouquet is GORGEOUS. And so are your photos. I would love to know how you get them so light and airy! I keep trying, but I feel like they never get this airy without losing focus.


Wow that is lovely and your directions easy to follow as well!!

alissa haroush

This bouquet is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the tips! And I love how you can’t resist anything under $5. Haha! I’m the same way!


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What a great tutorial! Making a big gorgeous bouquet is always quite a strain on finances (especially in Singapore where absolutely nothing is cheap). This will help in my friend’s wedding budget – she loves succulents and would definitely want it in her bouquet (: Thank you!


I’m absolutely obsessed with succulents! Trying to make a terrarium with a few succulents for my desk. So pretty!

Pam Baker

Such an amazing bouquet!

Monique | WritingMonique

Such a gorgeous bouquet! I always see the succulents at the store but never buy them, I may have to now!

Leticia (Thee Limited Edition)

So pretty! I have been wanting some succulents for my home but I have yet to get around to it. This makes me want them even more! 🙂


How cool! Good luck with the arrangements. I’m sure they’ll turn out great.


You have no idea how badly I needed these tips! I’m hosting a friend’s vow renewal and we were going to make arrangements with flowers from my garden.


Glad I could help, Elsa.


This looks lovely. I had seen succulents in bouquets before but I always wondered how the succulents could not fall out. So thanks for the explanation.


I love ’em too, Paige. Kind of can’t go wrong when using these little guys.


I love succulents! These are so pretty!



I bet your bouquets were beautiful, Jennie. And so fun to make little succulent boutonnieres as well. Love it.


What a gorgeous bouquet! I had something similar for my bridal bouquet several years ago and loved how the succulents looked. My husband had succulents for his boutonniere and we planted them after the wedding. 🙂 I love how you used Queen Anne’s Lace–it just makes the whole bouquet more fun. Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

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