Concrete Plan: How to Make a DIY Concrete Vase with a Mailing Tube

How to Make a Concrete Vase with a Mailing Tube

I feel a concrete kick coming on again, after this concrete bookend project and this candle votive DIY. And I’m kind of loving it. Apparently…

Because I have another concrete DIY to share today and this one is my favorite yet. Might have something to do with the fact that it involves flowers.

I made this super easy DIY concrete vase (remember the sneak peek on IG last week?) and had to share the tutorial because it’s so freakin’ easy. Also, spring! And flowers!

How to Make a Concrete Vase with a Mailing Tube


rapid setting cement mix (available on Amazon) // mailing tube // small juice glass // cooking spray // plastic bucket // bucket (that is okay to get messed up) // water // trowel or wooden spoon for mixing

How To:

1. Add the cement mix to a bucket, and stir in water. Youll need 4 parts cement to 1 part water. Mix well.

2. Spray the inside of a mailing tube with cooking spray.

3. Then, start pouring the concrete mixture into the mailing tube. Only fill about halfway.

4. Place the juice glass inside the mailing tube, pressing down so that the concrete starts to push upwards, surrounding the sides of the glass. If more concrete mixture is needed, spoon it into the mailing tube, in between the sides and the juice glass.

5. Wait for the concrete to dry. If you’re using a rapid setting concrete, it should be completely dry in 3-5 hours (depending on the temperature, etc).

6. Once dry, rip the container away to reveal your new vase.

How to Make a Concrete Vase with a Mailing Tube

How to Make a Concrete Vase with a Mailing Tube

Fill with water and add flowers. Done!

Here’s what the finished vase looks like…

DIY // Easy Concrete Vase

DIY // Easy Concrete Vase

How to Make a Concrete Vase with a Mailing Tube

Spring Bouquet

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

I’d love to hear what you think of this project, in the comments below. But also, I’m super curious to know what your absolute favorite flower is?

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Beautiful. Great idea!

Wear Eat Love

This looks lovely! I really need to try it!


That is awesome! Did you think that could be done with an add step of adding coloured clay to make a marble effect? Really lovely yet so simple.

Leah Taylor

This is such a fabulous project. I’m already thinking “next year’s Christmas gifts”… Plus, you’ve done a beautiful job styling it. Thanks for posting another amazing DIY!

Kate Simmons

Great idea!! But I have one question. Is the juice glass still in the concrete vase? Or do you pull it out before it sets?

Melanie Stephens

Pickles and Palmtrees - Melanie

Raaaaaad! I’m totally doing this next weekend. I love it, B!

Chelsea Foy

Oh my goodness, so brilliant! I love anything to do with flowers so I may have to try…



ooh it looks absolutely stunning. I love the juxatposition of the cold concrete and the sunny flowers – beautiful!
x Motte


Loving this! It looks so easy and mess free 🙂

Always Me

Always Me Clothing

This is wonderful! Such a cool idea.


Looks great!


Favorite flower: Gladiolas. Just when the bottom parts start to wither, the tops are blooming.


The photography is absolutely outstanding. Lovely post, and looooove the concrete!


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This looks amazing! And such a simple idea, with a lovely result!!!



Pourquoi vos explications sont-elles toujours en anglais !…


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That actually looks better than I would have expected it to. I really like how it looks with the flowers inside of it, and it’s a good way to recycle cups you don’t want anymore.

Stacy Thomas

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Love this idea!!! Super fun and just cool!!
My favorite flower is echinacea . I love all of the Pom Pom hybrids. They would look amazing in the concrete base!!! Thanks for sharing.

Julie Shearer

This is beautiful! One question: what size mailing tube?


Is the juice glass then part of the vase? Or do you pull it out at the end? It’s hard to tell from the photos.

Davina Grunstein

Good question, Davina. I kept it in, and it’s a part of the finished piece – for a waterproof way to store water for flowers, etc.


I love that. Amazing
Nice for wedding table

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