Make This: Geometric Floating Flower Wreath

By Brittni • Updated on 02/23/2024

DIY // Floating Flower Wreath

Today, I’m sharing the last of my DIY flower projects from Meet/Make/Do and this is a fun one because it involves a pool. Yep! There was a big gorgeous pool at the house we were at in Palm Springs. So naturally, I challenged myself to use it for a flower project somehow. It’s not everyday that you have a pool at your disposal, right?

Anyway, I came up with an idea to create a floating wreath and after a quick search on Bing to find out if foam core floats (it was one of the only supplies we had on hand that I thought might work), I was off! I was using the Bing iPhone app for search, in case you are wondering. And yes! Bing does have an app for iPhones. I use it everyday. Love it.

DIY to Try // Floating Flower Wreath

This project would also be a fun way to customize a special event, like a pool party or backyard wedding, with a flower covered monogram, phrase, or letter that signifies the day. But for now, the triangle is my favorite.

Here’s how to make your very own floating flower wreath…

Garden Roses, Anemones, Ranunculus, Etc

Materials: Foam Core // Xacto Knife // Glue Gun

Flowers Used: Naturally, I used a variety of flowers from Flower Muse. I cannot get enough of these flowers! They are just the best.

The photo above includes the flowers I used for the smaller hexagon wreath, but this is the full list of flowers used between the two wreaths…

Light Peach Juliet Garden Roses // Ivory Peach Garden Roses // Keira Pink Garden Roses // Pink Piano Garden Spray Roses // Pink Mayra Garden Roses // White Anemones // Double Bloom Tulips // Ranunculus


1. To create a hexagon, cut six pieces of foam core that are 2 inches wide and 5 inches wide. *For the triangle shape, cut three pieces of foam core that are 3 inches wide and 16 inches long.

2. Glue the pieces together, with hot glue, one at a time, to create the desired shape.

3. Next, cut the stem off a large bloom and glue it to the foam core. Switch back and forth between large, medium, and small size flowers until the entire wreath has been completed.

4. Gentle set into the pool and enjoy!

How To Make a Floating Flower Wreath

As you can see, the step by step wreath started out as a hexagon, but quickly turned into a circle with all of the flowers. The triangle turned out perfectly though. Just something to keep in mind as you’re planning possible shapes to use.

How to create a floating flower wreath

flower wreaths floating in a pool

Even after doing a mini mock up, I have to admit, I was a little nervous to let go of these guys in the pool. I didn’t really feel like retrieving them in my swimsuit at the bottom of the pool. But I’m happy to report, they totally float on their own.

The foam core has lots of tiny holes that fill up with air, which is what keeps the wreaths floating, even though they aren’t very light. These flowers are heavy guys (especially the triangle wreath).

DIY Flower Project // floating wreath

Geometric Flower Wreaths DIY

How to make a floating flower wreath

Floating Flower Wreaths

And if you don’t have a pool that these DIY guys can float in, you can just as easily hang a wreath or two on your front door instead. Add a hook and you’re good to go.

Fresh Flower Door Wreath DIY

Door Wreath DIY with Fresh Flowers

Concept, styling, and step by step photos by Brittni Mehlhoff // All other photos by Mary Costa Photography

P.S. If you’re curious about the behind the scenes of this project, Chelsea snapped a photo of the poolside shenanigans. Right after that photo was taken, I decided it was best to just lay down and get dirty. Anything for a DIY, right?

Would you ever make one of these floating flower wreaths? Or would you opt for the door option instead?


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These are gorgeous. I’ve been thinking of decorating the pool at our wedding with something just like this, but don’t want to be stuck with a big project the morning of the wedding. Do you think the flowers will stay fresh if cut, glued, and placed in the pool the evening before the event?


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Awesome Pam. They definitely float around the pool a little bit, so I’d keep that in mind when you’re making them. If you want them to stay put, without moving, you may need weights.


My daughter wants to do this for her wedding in our backyard. She wants to use their initials C & C. Do they stay in one place in the pool without a weight to anchor it?


I’ve never done that, but I imagine you could, Amber.


Can you make your own foam core with foam block and poster board?


Love this!!! This is probably the best wreath on the internet 🙂


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That’s awesome that they don’t wilt right away.. Thank you so much for the fast response Brittni! You’re awesome. Keep up the amazing work, you’re so inspirational!


Hi Kerry. Foam core is like poster board, with a piece of (roughly) 1/4 foam in between. That’s the best way I can describe it. You can purchase here at any craft store and some grocery stores even.


I live in Australia and don’t reconise the core foam what is it?

kerry howarth

Hi Samantha. Nope, the flowers didn’t wilt right away at all. And actually, being in the water seemed to keep them fresher, longer. That said, they are fresh flowers, so they won’t stay fresh forever, of course. But the next day, the flowers from this wreath still looked pretty great, for the most part. I think this has something to do with the fact that they were all properly cared for / prepped before I cut the stems and started using them. Hope this info helps. Best of luck in recreating this project!


I actually saw this on pinterest! your whole site is so lovely and is giving me a zillion wonderful ideas, thank you so much!! I was wondering, however.. Didn’t hot-glue cause the flowers to wilt instantaneously? That would be my luck. I’m gonna stick with silk flowers, I think.. even though I know they FOR SURE won’t look anywhere close to as gorgeous as the real thing. Thanks again for your blog!!!


Thanks for the DIY, I’m doing a lot of stuff myself for our wedding, but don’t know where to find a wholesale flower market in Orange County, Ca. I live in Irvine and love the lt. Peach Juliet garden rose to flat in white ceramic bowls with 2 little song birds on the edge as my center piece arrangements. I have these vases which are about 12 ” in diameter and are on a pedestal and think they would be beautiful with floating candles or flowers and collage. Do you know of any wholesale flower vendors in Orange County? Thanks ahead of time if you do.


Hi Sarah. I used real flowers, not synthetic. So, they won’t last forever, but they are beautiful while they’re floating in a pool or hanging on a door. I recommend this project for special events (like a wedding, dinner party, etc).


This is a great idea and I really love it!
But, I have one question: did you use real flowers or syntethic? I’m sure that it writes above but I don’t speak English (so, btw. sorry if my words or sentences make no sense 🙂 ) so I can’t find it
If you used real flowers: what happend after a while?-do they become brown,fade?


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Thanks Kathleen. It’s definitely an easy project to complete (and fun too – I love working with flowers).


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This is such a beautiful craft! Looks easy and fun 🙂

xx Kathleen


Thanks Kel! You should TOTALLY do this for your wedding…Or I can do it for you. Since I’ll be there. 🙂


Sooooo gorgeous, Britt! I’ve been waiting for this one! Might be stealing this idea for our wedding!!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

I love this idea! If only I had a swimming pool. Will have to remember it for if I ever do though. Thanks! Zoe


I hear you on that one Rebekah. I live in Florida and it’s still cold here most days (well, for Florida at least).


So beautiful! If only it would warm up enough for pool weather (writing while sitting in what I hope is the last snowstorm of the year).

Rebekah {aCricketSang}
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