How to Make Your Own Easter Basket (in 15 Minutes)

How to Make Your Own Easter Basket (in 15 Minutes). #easter #diy #tutorial #sewingproject #canvasbasket

This post is sponsored by the Brother P-touch Embellish machine. All opinions are my own.

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own Easter basket, I’m sharing a super simple sewing project today that will help. But my favorite part isn’t the candy inside. It’s that once the holiday is over, this DIY basket can be reused for year-round storage and organization. Not bad for a humble Easter basket.

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How to Make Your Own Easter Basket (in 15 Minutes). #easter #diy #tutorial #sewingproject #canvasbasket

What you Need to Make Your Own Easter Basket

  • medium to heavy weight canvas yardage (I painted mine ahead of time)
  • ruler / measuring tape
  • sewing chalk or pencil
  • sewing machine
  • P-touch Embellish machine and ribbons/tapes of your choice

How to Make Your Own Easter Basket

1. Measure a piece of canvas for your basket, based on the desired size. A good starting point is 11.5 inches wide by 20 inches long (which is what we started with). Cut down to size.

2. Once cut, fold the canvas in half (hamburger style), as shown in photo. Then sew a straight line on both sides of what will be your basket (about 1/4 – 1/2 inch from the edge), leaving the top open. Backstitch at the beginning and end of each side.

3. Next, match up the bottom corners of the basket to each other (as shown in the photo) and fold as shown, into two peaks.

4. Measure from the tip to 1.5 inches down, make a mark, and then make a horizontal line across as your guide. Do this on the other corner as well. Flip over and do the same on the other side.

5. Then, sew a straight line across the guide that you made in step 4. Being sure to backstitch at the beginning and end. Repeat this process for the other corner as well.

6. Turn tote right side out. And fold the top down in a roll one or two times so the raw edge doesn’t show. You can even add a handle if desired, though I opted for a simple bucket basket.

How to Make Your Own Easter Basket (in 15 Minutes). #easter #diy #tutorial #sewingproject #canvasbasket

Take it further: To add extra details, since the basket itself is pretty simple, I splatter painted the inside before rolling the top down. So there’s a little bit of pattern peaking out against the solid color, which I like.

Making labels for DIY Easter basket. #easter #diy #tutorial #sewingproject #canvasbasket

Once the DIY Easter basket is finished, it’s time to fill it with goodies…candy, personalized gifts, notebooks, etc. I made custom satin ribbons using the P-touch Embellish machine for my gifts and also made some tags to pin directly to the basket with names, etc. For this project, I used the pink satin ribbon with gold lettering and the white satin ribbon with gold lettering.

Have you ever used the P-touch Embellish before? You can personalize tape and ribbon with a selection of 14 fonts, 90+ borders, 400+ symbols, and 25 patterns. And it’s available at and US Michael’s stores. For under $60 for the machine, it’s a super handy tool for DIY projects and beyond.

How to Make Your Own Easter Basket (in 15 Minutes). #easter #diy #tutorial #sewingproject #canvasbasket

And that’s it! After Easter is over, these baskets can be used year-round for pretty much everything from pantry organization to office storage. They’re great for taming craft supplies too. And when not in use, they can be folded flat and easily stored.

What do you think of the finished project? Think you’ll try this for your own Easter baskets this year? Or skip Easter and go straight to office organization, etc? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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I love how it turned out. I’ll have to make one myself.


Definitely Courtney! They’re so easy, you almost have to. 🙂


That looks so cute, I definitely have to make one of those!


Thanks Michelle! You totally should. So, so easy!


what a great Easter basket DIY idea! Thank you for sharing.

ivana split

It’s so practical.Thanks for your easy DIY

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