Day Trip to Jaemor Farms (in Alto, Georgia)

By Brittni • Updated on 08/18/2023

Have you heard of Jaemor Farms? Is not, you have now! And next time you’re in Georgia, you have to visit.

Detail photo of peach orchard on farmland.

I know I’ve been hitting the peaches pretty hard lately, with yesterday’s peach galette post and last week’s farm to table peach cocktail. But I have one more teeny tiny mention of peaches today and then I’m done. I promise.

Because today, I thought I would share the outtakes from my trip to Jaemor Farms.

There were so many fun things to explore, I couldn’t fit it all into the peaches post. So, today, I’m sharing other parts of the farm that are absolutely worth checking out.

There’s apple orchards, black berries patches, the market, and so much more.

Ripe and unripe blackberries hanging off of vines, closeup

Farmers picking blackberries in the field of a Georgia farm

Visiting Jaemor Farms

I’ve been to Jaemor Farms three times now, and every time I’ve visited, it’s been worth the trek.

Caroline, our farm tour guide, drove Harmony and I around on a golf cart, so we could see a little bit of everything.

The land itself was so lovely, with lots of rolling hills and farm quaintness.

Where is Jaemor Farms?

Address: 5340 Cornelia Hwy, Alto, GA 30510

Jaemor Farms is located in Alto, Georgia. Which is about 1 hour from Atlanta, GA. It’s on almost 90 acres.

What time does Jaemor Farms open?

If you can, I recommend getting there early. The first time I went, I got there early in the morning and it was such a nice way to start the day – in a field of peach trees. 

Jaemor Farm Hours

Monday – Saturday 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Sunday 1 – 6 p.m.

They are open year-round, but sometimes their holiday hours can be different.

So you check for the most updated hours of operation for Jaemor Farms here

woman standing in large corn maze at Jaemor Farms wearing fall-inspired outfit

Is Jaemor Farms dog friendly?

I couldn’t get a clear understanding of whether or not the farm is pet-friendly. It’s noted on their website that dogs are not allowed in the 

What is there to do at Jaemor Farms?

Each year, Jaemor has a U-Pick Peach Day, multiple U-Pick Flower Days, U-Pick Strawberry Days, and a Night Out on the Farm event.

They also have some seasonal events, around Halloween / Thanksgiving – with a pumpkin patch and corn maze.

woman picking peaches on a farm, carrying picked peaches in small woven basket

Peach Orchards + Blackberry Patch

We passed by the blackberry patch on our way out to the peaches. So, on our way back, we made sure to stop and check it out, up close. 

The peach orchards were stunning. It was pretty magical, to be honest. I highly recommend going on the U-Pick Peaches farm day because it’s just such a cool experience.

As for the blackberries… We snuck our way into the blackberry patch just as the guys were finishing up with picking for the day. We may have grabbed a few to taste test.

market sign for Jaemor Farms, Georgia with fresh fruit and veggies

fruit stand farmers market with green shelves and wooden baskets filled with peaches

Jaemor Farms Market

We also visited the market area, which has a ton of fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade breads, old fashioned candies, etc.

Be sure to grab a few snacks before you head out, especially if you have a long drive back home.

I really like the kettle corn and the jalapeño cheese bread. I realize bread isn’t a snack, BUT if you’re in my car, it is! Bread lovers unite.

Closeup of apples hanging from a tree that aren't rip yet, in an apple orchard

Apple Orchard

Our last stop (before heading over to the market) was through the apple orchard.

Which was AMAZING! So, I thought I’d end with these photos.

They have lots of apple varieties and all of the apples are just so cute hanging off the trees. I could have taken pictures all day!

I swear, if you ever need to relieve some stress from your week, head to your nearest farm and walk around for a while. It’s cheaper than therapy…or so I hear.

dirt road of Jaemor Farms in Alto, Georgia

Woman picking apples from an apple orchard in Georgia

far away view of some of the acreage at Jaemor Farms in Alto, Georgia

Picking blackberries straight off the vine

Small clump of apples on an apple tree, that aren't quite ripe yet

Photography by Harmony Blackwell

Have you ever been to a farm before? What’s your favorite part? Picking fruit? Saying hi to the animals? Strolling around?

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I feel like I’ve been there before, but maybe not . . . I’ll have to check it out again, being so close!

Amy Anderson

Oh, how cool Diana. Definitely!


I use to live by there! 🙂 I need to make a trip to Jaemor Farms!!


Thanks Kel!


This adventure looked amazing, B! And I just really want that hat.

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Churning butter? I love it!


Those blackberries look divine! It looks like a great trip, for sure. I remember visiting a farm back in grade school; we learned to churn butter and then enjoyed it on some crackers. I am way overdue for another farm visit because you are right…it is so peaceful there.


It was really fun, Lola. I loved it.


Some beautiful photos here , I hope that you had a great trip !

Lola xx


Thanks Erika. Harmony did a great job with the photos, for sure.


very pretty photos!!xxx

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