For the Wallflowers: Giant Floral Typography Wall Art DIY

By Brittni • Updated on 03/04/2024

Giant Floral Typography Wall Art DIY

It wouldn’t be Valentines day without a flower DIY. So here I am with the last V-Day project of the year…a (fresh flower) monogram wall hanging that is perfect for the upcoming holiday. OR a wedding, birthday party, housewarming…Okay, it works for pretty much anything. Especially if you like flowers as much as I do.

You may remember the giant floral ampersand I created a while back that was in this same vein. But to switch things up, I’m using a different method and a garland as the base (which will help cut down on the number of flowers you need to complete the project).

Giant Floral Typography Wall Art DIY

Here’s how to make your own floral typography wall art…


-fresh flowers + garland (see specific flower types below)
-foam core or cardboard
-box-cutter or sharp blade
-paper awl (or similar)
-floral tape
-floral wire

For this project, I used Poppies, Pink Veronicas, Pink Ranunculus, White Sweet Peas, and Bay leaf & Seeded Eucalyptus Garland.

My friends at Flower Muse sent over all of the flowers and the garland. So, if you’re looking for fresh flowers and greenery, be sure to check them out. Their flowers are top notch.

Care Instructions:
For all flowers except the Poppies… Cut at least 1″³ off each stem and place in 3-4″³ of room temperature water. Let everything hydrate for at least 3-4 hours before you start working with them, but preferably 24 hours so the blooms have more time to open, if they’re not already.

For the Poppies… These can be a little tricky sometimes. So to help them bloom, you may want to try cutting them under water and keeping the stems submerged in water for 10-15 minutes before searing the ends with a quick dip in boiling water for 10-15 seconds. That’s what I ended up doing and it worked great. As the blooms start to open, you may need to give some of them a little help by gently pulling back the sepals (the brown fuzzy “shell”).

For the garland… Keep it in a dry, cool place until you’re ready to use it. No need to spray with water or anything like that.


How To:

1. Start by drawing and cutting out large letters from foam core or cardboard. I just freehanded the letters with a pencil and then cut them with a sharp blade.

2. Next, poke a set of holes in the letter cut out, all the way around, every 6-10 inches. Use the paper awl to poke the holes or another sharp object.

3. Cut a piece of wire that is roughly 8-10 inches long, and poke through the first set of holes (from the back of the letter), so that each end is showing through to the front.

4. Then, lay the garland on top of the foam core letter and secure the first section with the wire that you poked through in step 3. All you need to do is wrap the wire around the garland and twist several times until secure. Then, hide the excess wire underneath the leaves or clip off.

5. Once you’ve completed that process all the way around, covering the entire letter with garland, it’s time to add flowers. Make sure the flowers have had at least 24 hours to properly hydrate before this step. Then, trim the stems if necessary and intertwine them amongst the garland. If you’re having trouble, add floral wire to each stem, for more stiffness to wedge into the garland. If you have a super bushy garland, you can tuck small water tubes  into the garland to keep the flowers as fresh as possible.

6. Fill the garland with flowers until you’ve reached the desired effect. Enjoy!

A is for Art: DIY Giant Floral Typography Wall Art

DIY Giant Floral Typography Wall Art

DIY Giant Floral Typography Wall Art

You can do initials like J + B (for V-day or a wedding), a single letter, to stand as a statement art piece, or even a short phrase or message if you’re feeling especially ambitious.

P.S. If you wanted to go a more cost effective (and long lasting) route, you could skip the flowers all together and just do garland letters, which are kind of fun too…

DIY // how to create a giant garland letter for parties and events

DIY Giant Monogrammed Floral Wall Art

DIY Giant Floral Typography Wall Art

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

After this project, I am even more obsessed with poppies. They may be a little finicky, but they sure are pretty. Don’t you think?

Think you might give this flower project a try? 

For more flower DIYs like this one, visit the DIY Flower Ideas page.

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Hi Susy. It depends on the type of flowers you use, the way they were prepped, the way they are stored before using, etc. But my recommendation would be to make the foam core letters and attach the garland first, and wait until the day before or the day of to attach the flowers to the garland letters. That way they’ll look the freshest when displayed. Store in a cool, dry place before using. Ex: If the letters are small enough, the fridge would be a good spot to store them to keep the flowers from wilting ahead of time. Hope that helps.


how long do these last? how many days prior to an event should i make it?


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These are so pretty

laura mitbrodt

so beautiful!!


B! These are so great! That A is just top drawer, I tell you. Such a fun DIY! And amen to the poppies! They’re such a lovely flower! They’re so stubborn here though! Mine sometimes don’t open even if I try EVERYTHING! But when they do, holy moly. So pretty.


Lexy | Proper

So pretty, I just love this!


These are beautiful! I love the nice touch that the garland adds to this typography wall art. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m definitely going to be using this tutorial for pretty much every event I host in the future. 😀



Oh I have such a great idea for a backdrop with this!! Thanks so much for sharing this, it’s so beautiful!


BRITT! This is AMAZING! Poppies are quickly inching out peonies as my favorite flower. They are just so good.

Kelly @ Studio DIY

oh my. this is v cute. v cute indeed.


These are gorgeous. Fab idea x

Jess @ Let's Do Something Crafty

So pretty! Definitely giving this a try and bookmarking for my Spring 2016 wedding. 😉

Erin G

This is perfect!!! I’m in love with the pure greens “a”. They have so much personality, those things. Doesn’t seem too complicated. Thanks for the post. xo


These are gorgeous!


Thanks Gem. I’m hoping spring is right around the corner too. Ready for things to start heating up again.


Love these so much; reminds me that Spring is (hopefully) just around the corner!


I agree, Sarah. I can definitely see this being used for a wedding or bridal shower.


This would be perfect for a springtime wedding or bridal shower!

Sarah E. Ashlock

Thank Aga. 🙂


Oh i do! This looks just amazing 🙂

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