Make This: Hand Painted Party Prop Parasol DIY

By Brittni • posted on 06/04/2024

Welp, New Year’s Eve is only a few days away and I just couldn’t let it slip away without a DIY to ring in the new year: hand painted party prop parasols. I found these colorful paper umbrellas (there are tons of colors available) a while back and I knew they would make cool props with a little paint. Here’s how you can make your own…


gold leaf paint // decorative paper umbrellas // paint brush


Grab your gold leaf paint and a paint brush and get to work. Simple as that. No prep necessary. Pro tip: Be sure not to add too much paint to your brush at once. The paper umbrellas are thin, so huge globs of paint could cause damage to the paper. Thin coats of paint are best.

I hope you have an amazing new year! I’ll be back to regular posting on January 2nd.

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Aw, this is such a lovely idea!


Gorgeous!! So pretty – I’d love to do this for a bridal shower in the spring.


Thanks ladies. Happy (almost) new year everyone!


RT @PlanetReuseMrkt: This #DIY painted umbrella makes for an unusual and #charming #NYE #decoration. Plus it keeps you dry! @papernstitch

(@papernstitch) (@papernstitch)

This #DIY painted umbrella makes for an unusual and #charming #NYE #decoration. Plus it keeps you dry! @papernstitch

(@PlanetReuseMrkt) (@PlanetReuseMrkt)

These are gorgeous! Love the polka dot one 🙂


Such a cute idea!

Mervi (tasselflower)

That is just perfect!!!
So nice!

*Love, Raluca*

*New post*

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Raluca Alina Vintilescu

Thanks Melanie. You’re the best! Next month can’t come fast enough!

And good point Melissa- these would definitely work as decor in the right setting as well. Thanks for stopping by.


You AMAZE me. Happy New Year, B! So excited to see you next month! xoxo


Ah! Love these. So pretty and perfect for decor as well. Great idea!



Oh good Chloe! There are addictive! You should totally try it.


I absolutely adore parasoles!!! I have to decorate one like this!! =)

Thanks for the inspiration!! =)

Ergo – Blog

Chloe Moon

Make This: Hand Painted Party Prop Umbrella DIY: Welp, New Year’s Eve is only a few days away…

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