Make This: Copper Decal Holiday Wall Art

By Brittni • Updated on 02/13/2024


I feel like I’ve already done a bunch of holiday decor projects this year, but I had a wall that needed a little something and was in the mood for one more project. Unfortunately, my wallet was not. So I gathered up some supplies that I already had in the house and created this removable wall art custom decals DIY. *If you don’t have these items on-hand already, this project will still only set you back about $15.


The full tutorial is right here on Curbly.

But before you click over,  I thought it was worth mentioning that I’ve been dying to use that copper contact paper for almost a year now. Yep, I’ve had it that long – was just waiting for the perfect project”¦ Thought you would appreciate my craziness”¦ Do you ever do that? Hold on to something for eternity until the ‘perfect’ project makes it’s way into your head?

Photography, concept, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

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northstory notes - Dec 20, 2013 : northstory

Haha. Right there with you Cheryl. Oh, bloggers. We’re so strange sometimes.


I save EVERYTHING, and buy anything affordable that I like, because I know sometime, somewhere I’ll think of something … to make with it all 🙂

Copper is my favorite metal, so of course this project is fantastic to me!
Happy holidays to all.

Cheryl @ Artzzle

Thanks Holly and Krystie. 🙂


Awesome idea, thanks for sharing!


this is a fantastic alternative to having a regular tree! definitely going to bookmark this idea for the future.


Good to know I’m not the only one that does that. Thanks for stopping by! Happy holidays!


All the time! I have a box full of materials, tools and ideas that are waiting for the perfect project – some come quicker than others, but I know they’ll all get used eventually…..the project and time permitting 🙂
Love this decor idea – perfect if you don’t have much floor space for decorations too x

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