Make This: Creepy Cat Eye No-Carve Pumpkins

By Brittni • posted on 10/15/2013

no carve pumpkin project

I don’t know what it is about carving pumpkins, but the idea has never really appealed to me. Maybe I cut myself accidentally when I was carving a pumpkin as a kid and I blocked it out? Who knows? But whatever the reason, if I can avoid carving one of those big orange things, I’m all for it.

So when I happened upon these cat eye doll parts at a craft store a couple of weeks ago, I knew exactly what I would use them for. Pumpkins. I went home, bought a small bag of mini pumpkins from the grocery store and started testing out my idea. The result was these creepy little cat eye pumpkins, that I’m kind of loving. What about you?

I was so excited to get started, I wasn’t able to take many step by step shots, but it so easy, you won’t need photos to figure this one out. Here’s how to make your own…

How To: Cat Eye Pumpkin DIY


acrylic paint in black // foam brush // plastic cat eye parts in 9mm and 12mm (found on Amazon here or in the doll section at your local craft store) // rubber mallet // poking tool (like a phillips head screwdriver)


Start by painting small pumpkins matte black and wait for them to dry. Add another coat if necessary and touch up any areas that need it. Once dry, use a screwdriver (or some other poking device) and a mallet to get a hole started for your first cat eye. Then poke the cat eye into the hole and hit it gently a few times with the mallet to push it all the way in. Repeat this process in a random pattern over your entire pumpkin. That’s it!

Halloween DIY // no-carve pumpkin project

creepy pumpkin DIY

easy pumpkin DIY

cat eye pumpkin DIY

high flying pumpkins

Alright. So, a flying pumpkin might not be all that scary. But I couldn’t resist including that photo.

What do you think of this no-carve alternative to traditional pumpkin carving? Will you be making your own creepy cat eye pumps this year? *Yeah, I called ’em pumps. We can still be friends, right?

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Awesome. Let me know how it turns out, Leslie. You should try that link I put in the post (Amazon) if you’re searching for cat eyes – they have a ton of ’em. OR if you have a Hobby Lobby in your town, they probably have them. That’s where I bought mine. Good luck!


you know, i thought i was the only weird one with the no carving dilema but its nice to know im not the only one! (:

this is a really cute idea!
i actually painted some of mine and drenched others in glitter!

i love halloween but not the gory kind. i like the girly real nice looking halloween decorations!

im going to try this one as soon as i find some cat eyes!

thanks for the idea! (:


Haha. Thanks Onel…I think. 🙂


It looks like a grenade pumpkin! I find this very cute though 🙂 Love the last flying pumpkin shot!


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Feel free to send me a link or photo if you end up making one Heather. I’d love to see how you recreate this project.


Pretty creepy…but very neat too! I definitely will try making one! : )

Heather - Chickabug

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Haha. Thanks Tanya.


So creepy looking!! I love it 🙂 I hate carving pumkin too, just becuase I can never get it to look like I want.


Thanks Juni. Jeff helped me with the photos on this one and we were trying to come up with some additional shots…and we thought that one would be interesting and/or funny. 🙂


love this! such a great alternative to the traditional pumpkin. and hahah that last flying photo is adorable.

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