Make This: Decorated Egg Cups in 5 Minutes

By Brittni • posted on 02/15/2024

Do you ever use egg cups?

I’ve literally never used them before, even though I think they’re pretty cool. So I went and bought a handful at World Market (at .99 each it was hard to resist) so I would have somewhere to put my eggs for Easter. Decorated or not. Now, I realize this technique has been done a hundred times at this point, BUT I’ve never seen it used on egg cups. So boo-yah.

Here’s one (very) simple way to make basic 99 cent egg cups look a little bit cooler…

how-to: egg cups diy

Using a porcelain paint pen (I like these), write messages, draw geometric shapes, draw funny faces – basically go to town. Let the cups air dry (72 hours according to the instructions on the pens – mine were dry to the touch within an hour or two though) and your eggs are ready to look a whole lot cooler sitting in those cups.

Also, if you want to make ’em a little more Easter-y, you can add bunny doodles or ‘Happy Easter’ notes. I just went with more everyday designs so I can use them year round. Honestly though, they’re so inexpensive, you could make different sets of these for every holiday.

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff for Paper & Stitch

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Thanks so much for pinning my project onto World Market’s boards. I’ll be sure to link the egg cups up…couldn’t find them online when I last checked.


Thank you for including World Market on your blog post. These are great and we’d love to share them on our PInterest page (Check out the pin here:

Also, it would be great if you link our name to our website ( or link the Egg Cups (

~World Market

World Market


janika R

Thanks Mere. I actually thought of you when I was finishing up this post because I remember you commenting on the egg cups in a past post. Glad you like ’em.


! I love, love, love these. 99 cents! I’m in!

Mere // Not Merely Living

Thanks Laura and Emilie. 🙂


Combine with a cute egg cozy = happy breakfast RT @papernstitch Make This: Decorated Egg Cups in 5 Minutes:

Cintia :: My Poppet (@mypoppetshop)

super cute 🙂


SO CUTE!! This is perfect for Easter. 🙂 I’ll have to try.

Laura - RelativelyOffbeat

Make This: Decorated Egg Cups in 5 Minutes

milkandhoneynaturals (@naturalssoap)

Thanks Kel! Speaking of cute…your sprinkle eggs today are amazing!


So cute B! Love the hello one!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Make This: Decorated Egg Cups in 5 Minutes: Do you ever use egg cups? I’ve literally never…

Brittni Mehlhoff (@papernstitch)
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