Make This: DIY Ombre + Color Block Donuts

By Brittni • posted on 01/29/2024

DIY Donuts // Color Blocked + Ombre How To

I feel like I’ve been juggling a million things in the last couple of weeks, and this week in particular is kind of the tipping point of crazy town. So I’ve been calling on friends (and Jeff) a lot recently to help me with a few things. And I really want to do a little something nice for them to say thanks for being so great. Naturally, I thought donuts! Everybody loves donuts, right?

So, I put together some thank you labels for boxes filled with DIY baked goods. 

I made the tag with Makr – an iPad app, where you can customize a variety of designs/ templates for practically any paper goods you can think of. But they are no longer in business from what I can tell, so I would recommend using something like Canvas, which is just as easy.

Color Block + Ombre Donut DIY

Here’s how you can make the color blocked donuts that go inside those thank you boxes…

Supplies Needed

-Customized Labels
-Pink Bakery Boxes (I asked my local bakery for a few and it cost me $1.50 for 3)
-Powdered Sugar Donuts or Yeast Donuts (FYI the powdered ones look better than the yeast ones when finished)
-Color Mist Edible Spray in Various Colors (available at JoAnn’s and Amazon)
-3×5 inch sheet of paper (to block the edible color spray in certain areas)

How to Make Colorblocked Donuts

Place a powdered donut on a plate to protect other surfaces from the edible spray.

Then cover over part of the donut with a piece of paper.

Lightly spray the uncovered area. Wait until dry.

Then cover the sprayed area and spray additional colors in the same way, for a color blocked look.

Once dry, place the donuts in a small bakery box, add a thank you label (don’t forget the ‘Eat By’ date), and you’re done.

Donut DIY // how to make ombre and color block donuts

How to Make Ombre Donuts

You can also create ombre donuts super easily by building up color at the bottom and then very lightly spraying upward from there.

If you’re pressed for time, this is a super quick way to dress up store bought donuts, but if you want to make your own donuts instead, there are lots of great recipes out there. This one looks like a good one to try. 

Aside from a last minute thank you idea, this would be a good project to try for Easter too. You could even stick the donuts in plastic Easter eggs for the holiday egg hunt.

Ombre Donut DIY

Donut DIY with Makr

Pink Ombre Donut

Thank you labels from Makr

Ombre + Color Block Donut DIY

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

What do you think? Do you like the ombre or color blocked version best?

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Hi Jen. I customized one of the large label templates to what you see in the photos. I believe you may be able to get to the exact label from Makr’s post that they wrote about my project. Here’s that link: There’s a column on the right hand side that you should be able to click on if you’re signed into the app.


hi – these are so cool. I’m looking on Makr’s app and cant seem to find the template that you used. Is it a sticker or note card that you just folded? Great idea


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Yeah, the spray is really great, Catherine. Super easy to use too.


These look ace! I tried to make some pink mini donuts recently but tried to colour the batter with pink food colouring paste instead – it didn’t work out as well as these because the yellow batter mixed with the pink was a bit murky. This spray colour is a great solution – thanks for the tip! x


OMG how awesome!!!


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These look so amazing! The donuts themselves look so special and the card is just the ‘icing on the… donut’. xD

Really cool idea!


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Thanks everyone for the sweet comments.


Love these donuts! Featured it on my weekly faves post:

Tami Sawyer

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WOW Hearts…

They look delicious and they are in my favorite color! Too cute.

Letitia- The Fashion Editor

COME ON! These are just WAY too cuuuuute!!! I can hardly bare it. They’re too cute to even eat!

Adelle - WTSTA

This is such a cool idea! 🙂

Denysia Yu

cute and fun!


I’m not exactly sure why (maybe it’s the spring/Easter colors), but this makes me very happy 🙂


Haha. Thanks Kel. I don’t know about that, but I’ll take it. 🙂


And now you will officially be known as “The Most Brilliant Woman on the Planet.” These. Are. Un. Real. New favorite right here! Obsessed! These are going to take over the world!!!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

There’s such a thing as colour mist edible spray?! Oooooooooo, this is going to change baking in my house, big time!
Very sweet post, thank you!


Definitely a fan of the ombre ones! Too adorable. ♥

Loreal Elder

Thanks Emily.


What a cool idea!!


I know, right? My friend Lexy told me about it. It’s the best.


So cool!! I didn’t know they made food color misting spray. Mind blown.

Rebekah {aCricketSang}
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