Make This (double dose): Festive Surprise Birthday Party Invite DIY

By Brittni • Updated on 09/05/2023

Guest post tutorial from Lia Cecaci of I Love that Glove.

My family comes to me for anything to do with a computer, or parties. I got an email from my aunt one day asking if I could make her mom’s birthday surprise invitation. I said yes, of course, and seized the opportunity to make her something unique! We come from a huge mexican family, and this particular aunt of mine loves loves loves very spanish inspired decor. Dia day los muertos, paper flowers, bright bright colors, etc-etc. I told her I would whip something up and get back to her.

I whipped out these bad boys after searching far and wide for DIY papel picado inspiration. They were a hit, and so easy to make! I wanted to share these with the world, because although the inspiration I found was WONDERFUL, I didn’t find a whole lot. Please enjoy!

*There are two different sets of diy invitations in this post (hence the double dose). The first set of steps show how to make the papel picado invite. The second show the yarn/string invite. I did half and half for my aunts party.

Part 1) How to make the papel picado invite:

Supplies: Scissors, Tissue paper – one pack of 6 sheets was plenty for 20 cards, blank cards & envelopes, a glue stick, & a printer

Step 1: Measure! Open up your pack of tissue paper and spread it out huge. Pictured is 6 sheets and it cut smoothly. Not too thick. Measure your rectangle with your sized card. Mine was A7, (appx 5×7) but you can use any size.

Step 2: Cut out a square so you will end up with 6 sheets of tissue paper to work with!

Step 3: Bend your stack of tissue paper hamburger style. Don’t crease it! You don’t want any creases in your flags! I cut out an oval-ish shape to show the Shh though on the back. Just eyeball it – you can always cut more off!

Without opening it I bent it one more time ( no crease! ) to make the rest of the design for the flag. Doing this will make everything symmetrical. Think paper snowflakes! Open it up!!

Don’t be bummed if you messed up big time. I made 3 sets before I got this guy. The first was not so gorgeous.. the rest I either ripped, or cut through shapes. Be careful not to over cut one shape into another. You’re going to end up with a lot of confetti.

Step 4: Typeset your invite & print!

Step 5: Take your glue stick and smear one stripe across the top of the card & gently lay one piece of tissue paper across it. LOVELY. You now have a super sweet homemade papel picado card. See it flap in the wind. So wonderful.

Now it’s time to make the other invitation! Ready?

Part 2) How to make the yarn/ string Invite

Supplies: Yarn, a 1/16th hole punch, blank cards / envelopes & a printer!

Step 1: Typeset & print your invite!

Step 2: Hole punch each side, of each printed papel picado, at the printed string line.

Step 3: String it through! Cut your yarn longer than you’d think just to be safe. The 1/16th hole is small – so I suggest taping the ends of the yarn to a point to get it through easier.

Of course my aunt wanted me to make decorations for her. If you too are decorating the party you’re making the invitations for here’s a few fun tips!

-Buy extra tissue paper!!

-Make tissue paper flower bouquets! They’re fun and lovely!

-Make mini poms with the tissue paper and string them to make matching garlands! Use the same yarn as the invites to string them!

-Buy matching crepe paper – Make wild streamers, and hang them everywhere!

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About Lia. I am a 23 year old creative from Oakland, California. I love to dip my hands in a little bit of everything. But as for right now – I work in a college darkroom, I work at a portrait studio & I work for myself. (Ahh!) I craft when I have time, & I wish I had more time for it! I also recently decided I love nail polish, it’s GREAT. I’m living by myself, in my cozy one bedroom apartment that I wouldn’t trade for the world. One day I would love to own a cuddly lovey Great Dane. I am working my way towards photographing for myself full time, and I can’t wait (especially since I have so much mapped out now thanks to the pns Track This guide!! It’s great! ).


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Thanks so much for sharing! Where and how did you find the papel picado banner to print out on the invitations?



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