Easy Easter Flower DIY // 3 Ways

By Brittni • Updated on 02/23/2024


If you’re looking for a more subtle Easter DIY, try this simple, ‘flower basket’ project using a couple of materials you probably already have around the house, plus two kind of flowers…

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own… a few candle votives (mine are from CB2) // wood glue or craft glue scissors // green dianthus (this is the stuff that looks like grass) // ranunculus // and veneer edging strips from Amazon

Here’s how to make mini Easter floral arrangements three ways…

1) For simple florals: Fill votive halfway with water. Cut one stem of green dianthus down so that the stem is short enough to fit in the votive. Add ranunculus. Done.


2) To make a ‘flower basket’… Cut two pieces of veneer to about 7 inches in length each (length will vary depending on size of your votive). Glue the two pieces of veneer together so that it looks finished on both sides (there is an ‘ugly’ side to the veneer edging, so you’ll want to hide it by doing this). Once dry, attach to inside of votive to create a basket handle. Clamp if necessary while handle is drying. Wait for glue to fully dry, then add water, along with green dianthus and ranunculus.

For a more kid-friendly approach, you can skip the flowers and fill the ‘basket’ with candy and other treats. Adding washi tape to the outside of the votive would make it more playful and kid-approved as well.


3) Don’t feel like making a basket? No worries. You can still make this mini floral arrangement look Easter-y. Just fill halfway with water, cut down a stem of green dianthus, and add Easter candy or miniature figurines as a decoration.

NOTE: If you use candy, do not eat it when you’re done displaying (to be on the safe side). Dianthus is a type of carnation, which means it is (mildly) poisonous to cats, dogs, and humans if ingested. 


Concept, photos, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff for Paper & Stitch 

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So cute & simple. Love it!

Susie Jackson @homemaker-mom.com

Thanks Stephanie, Alexis, and Janika. 🙂 These comments are making me smile.


@C_Options They’re all done. You can see the finished pieces here 🙂 http://t.co/mEwIpsdZpQ

Brittni Mehlhoff (@papernstitch)

[…] I love this sweet little Easter floral display by Paper & Stitch.  Read more info here. […]

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they are cute…..


janika R

So stinkin’ cute I can’t stand it! I am a sucker for anything mini


So adorable – those little veneer handles just make me smile.

Stephanie @ henry happened

Haha. I love you Ash.


Obsessed and jealous at all once 🙂

Ashley | Sugar & Cloth

Thanks Dusty and Alexandra. 🙂 Hope you both have a lovely Easter.


Umm, ADORABLE!!! I love it! That’s all.
– Dusty.



Alexandra Hedin

Thank you Clemence. 🙂


Oh, so pretty, elegant and subtle!


Oh, so pretty! RT @papernstitch Make This: Easy Easter Flower DIY // 3 Ways http://t.co/5ioRNMtcNT

OhTheLovelyThings (@OhLovelyThings)

Thanks Kel. Ranunculus are my absolute favorite flower…They’re hard to find in Jacksonville, but I tracked ’em down. 🙂


super cute, teeny-tinies. RT @papernstitch: Make This: Easy Easter Flower DIY // 3 Ways: http://t.co/lJiycRvOKf


Ooooo so cute!! I love ranunculus.

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Thanks Silvia!

On the subject of flowers…I love your outfit in this post. http://bornineightytwo.com/2013/02/28/flowers-only-vintage-coat-tommy-hilfiger-louis-vuitton/ The floral pants are awesome!



HOooo that is soo lovely!




So CUTE! Make This: Easy Easter Flower DIY // 3 Ways http://t.co/w2mgB9YL9x via @papernstich


Mad cute. RT @papernstitch: Make This: Easy Easter Flower DIY // 3 Ways: http://t.co/OExFw1nd2z

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