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Today is my birthday (I’m officially 29) and it didn’t seem right to let a b-day go by without some yummy sweets to share. That’s the best part of birthdays anyway, right? So I’m branching out, just a little today, with a sweet food related DIY that I hope you’ll enjoy. Learn how to make edible confetti with store-bought chocolate in two easy steps. You can use it for parties, cake & cupcake decorating, and whatever else you can dream up.

Supplies: chocolate bars – I used milk chocolate and cookies and cream // tiny cookie cutters (like these or these)

How-To: Unwrap chocolate bars and let them lay out at room temperature for a few minutes to soften them up a little bit. Push cookie cutter through the chocolate, all the way, and punch the cut chocolate out of the cutter with your finger or a toothpick. Sprinkle or cakes, plates, etc. That’s it. Couldn’t be any easier.







These would be so fun at a kid’s birthday party. You could sprinkle some edible confetti on the cake and cake table, on top of kid’s plates, etc. Note: If you’re looking for a healthier option, you can use fruit leather instead of chocolate. Works great.

Concept, styling, and photography by Brittni Mehlhoff for Paper & Stitch

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Make This: Edible Confetti DIY: Today is my birthday (I’m officially 29) and it didn’t seem…

Brittni Mehlhoff (@papernstitch)

AWESOME idea Brittni!! And happiest of birthdays!!! Yay!!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Thank Kel. 🙂 Hope you’re having fun on your trip so far!


Happy Birthday! Very cute idea and now…I’m hungry. Time for breakfast!


Thanks Van.


I love this idea!!!! Happy Birthday xo <3

Amanda Perry

This is the cutest and so are you! Happy birthday, sweet friend!

Chelsea C.

Thank you Chelsea! You’re so sweet. 🙂


happiest of birthdays to you! and this diy is so stinkin’ cute, definitely going to try this out.


love this idea! so cute! happy birthday 🙂
hashtagphoebe on bloglovin


Thank you Juni, Phoebe, and Amanda. Appreciate the birthday wishes!


Love this idea, so cute and simple! Might have to try it as a topping on ice cream tonight. 🙂 Hope your birthday is your best yet!


This would be perfect on ice cream Kathleen. Good call!


How cute!! Next time I am baking I will have to give this a try. Those cookie cutters are just the tiniest!

Alexandra Pettinato

They are the tiniest Alexandra. Cute and tiny!


That’s a great idea! Simple but efficient. Happy birthday and I wish you the best this year!

Abigail Smycken Handmade

Hey b-day girl, what a nice gift from you to us followers! When I saw the title of your post I immediately thought you made this confetti with edible rice paper and a perforator but how wonderful is this! Have a great day!


Wow very good idea!!
Next birthday i’m gonna make that!!

Xx Jody


happy birthday brittni!


Thanks Alicia.



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