Make This for the Holidays: Festive Felt Gift Card Envelope DIY

By MichaelAnn • Updated on 12/06/2011

This contributor post was written by Michael Ann of Michael Ann Made.

Hello friends of papernstitch!

My favorite part about the holidays is giving gifts, but my second favorite part is wrapping them! I thought it would be fun to share with you today an easy and quick DIY for a felt gift card envelope. Gift cards can be a great simple gift, but making a unique little envelope to put them in can make them extra special.

Here are the materials you’ll need:

1. Felt! The brighter and more fun the colors, the better.

2. Sewing Supplies – Scissors, Embroidery Thread, Pins, Needle.

3. A Gift Card Envelope Template. Instead of going through the mathematics I used, I created a downloadable template just for you! Just click through the image below to save and print out your template, made to fit standard sized gift cards.

4. Your Gift Card.

Here’s how you make it:

1. Cut out your envelope using the template. Also cut out any details you would like to add, like a stamp or an address tag. Make it unique!

2. Stitch details onto the front of the envelope. It is much easier to stitch when the envelope isn’t sewn together yet. Use bright thread and have fun creating special details!

3. Stitch together the back of the envelope. Using your fingers, fold along the edges, pressing hard to create a good crease. Then pin together the bottom and side flaps, and stitch them together. I used a straight stitch, but a different decorative stitch could be fun too!

4. Insert your gift card and give it away!

Now look at how simple that was! This project can easily be made in fifteen minutes, just one more quick trick in your gift giving arsenal. Good luck with your crafting, and Happy Holidays friends!

Michael Ann is a sewer, knitter, crafter, thrifter, living a crafty life with her husband in Portland, Oregon. You can find her at her blog Michael Ann Made where she shares projects, tutorials, and bits of inspiration to help you live a crafty life too. You can also follow her adventures on twitter.

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Thank you for the great pattern! I added a button closure for the envelope and it turned out so cute! <3


If you click the template image and print it out, you won’t need the measurements. 🙂


What size of the paper? What is it’s width and long?


Heres a good idea on what to use the leftover magnet squares- Washi tape magnets!!
Theyre so cute and easy to do!

all credit to

Issi P

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cute! seems easy enough to follow, will definitely try this out this xmas holiday (“,)

Windy Dhanutirto

Have always loved felt! These envelopes are just adorable!

Lissa (Bellenza)

waw, thanks for sharing! that is so cute! love it

Natalia Veneziani

oh thank YOU brittni, i’ve loved being able to come up with fun tutorials for you! and i love that card holder idea, thanks for sharing it. that’s what i love most about blogging, being able to hear everyone else’s creative ideas! you go fabulous crafty friends :]

michael ann

such a cute tutorial michael ann. i am super lucky to have you here as a contributor. i wanted to mention that even if you are not giving gift cards this year you can still use the felt envelope as a card holder to attach to presents (someone on twitter mentioned that and i thought i would share her idea).


Aw! That’s a really nice way to give a gift card a more meaningful feeling!

Jenny Hoople

How adorable! I must try these.


ahaha! this is so cool!! really inspiring!

btw, you have a new follower: me! i like this blog!!

ciao from italy 🙂


This is such a sweet DIY! I love how they can tuck other things in there after they use their gift cards!

Connie @ Daydream In Color

OMG! These are the cutest. Definitely making at least one for my daughter this Christmas.

Cathy Pascual
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