Make This: Fruit Dyed Wooden Ice Cream Spoons DIY

By Brittni • Updated on 02/15/2024


Move over spring. Summer is coming! And along with the upcoming sun season comes outdoor barbecues and ice cream socials. Yum! So, if you’re planning on serving a cool summer treat at your next party or outdoor barbecue, check out today’s tutorial.

Add a pop of (food safe) color to these cute little wooden ice cream spoons, with natural fruit dyes, in a matter of minutes. Here’s how…


Supplies: one can of blueberry pie filling // one can of cherry pie filling // wooden craft spoons // small (unused) paint brush


How-To: 1. Lay out several paper towels or tea towels on a flat surface. 2. Open cans of fruit filling with a can opener. 3. Dip spoons into the cans of filling, a few at a time. You can dip them in quickly and take them right out, or leave them fully submerged for a few minutes to deepen the color. The longer you leave them submerged, the deeper the color will be. 4. Let the spoons air dry on a paper towel or tea towel. Or blot them dry with a cloth, if you’re pressed for time. Once dry, they are ready to use – completely food safe and completely awesome.

Pretty easy, huh? Told ya it would only take a few minutes.


Take it further: To add a pattern, instead of simply dip-dying the spoons, dip a small (unused) paint brush into the fruit’s juices and use just like paint. You’ll probably want to re-dip your brush every couple of strokes for more saturated color.

Now, who’s ready for an ice cream party? I know I am.





Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff for Paper & Stitch

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This is definitely a fun one to experiment with Lisa. Anything that would potentially stain a shirt (on accident), would work for this project. Would love to hear what you come up with.

And Ursula, I love your idea for adding color to frosting. Clever!


Oh that’s such a good idea!
I’d be interested to try different foods to see what colours they make


This is very ingenious! I just had the idea of using the blueberries’ can juice to add color to vanilla frosting 😉

ursula Rosien

I know, right? After I finished this project, I started dying tons of other stuff because I had so much filling left. Love instant gratification projects like this one.


Great idea, Britt! I love that it’s all food safe so you can really dye the whole spoon! Pie filling, who knew!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Thanks Phoebe.


what a cute idea! 🙂
hashtagphoebe on bloglovin


I agree Allyson – it’s all about the details. Thanks for stopping by.


Cute and simple idea to try for summertime. I can see it as a great added detail for a children’s party as the kid’s sit out back, ice cream dripping. These little added details are what make parties memorable and fun. Thanks for sharing.


Trix & Trumpet

Make This: Fruit Dyed Wooden Ice Cream Spoons DIY: Move over spring. Summer is coming! And…

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