Make This: Fruit Dyed Wooden Ice Cream Spoons DIY


Move over spring. Summer is coming! And along with the upcoming sun season comes outdoor barbecues and ice cream socials. Yum! So, if you’re planning on serving a cool summer treat at your next party or outdoor barbecue, check out today’s tutorial.

Add a pop of (food safe) color to these cute little wooden ice cream spoons, with natural fruit dyes, in a matter of minutes. Here’s how…


Supplies: one can of blueberry pie filling // one can of cherry pie filling // wooden craft spoons // small (unused) paint brush


How-To: 1. Lay out several paper towels or tea towels on a flat surface. 2. Open cans of fruit filling with a can opener. 3. Dip spoons into the cans of filling, a few at a time. You can dip them in quickly and take them right out, or leave them fully submerged for a few minutes to deepen the color. The longer you leave them submerged, the deeper the color will be. 4. Let the spoons air dry on a paper towel or tea towel. Or blot them dry with a cloth, if you’re pressed for time. Once dry, they are ready to use – completely food safe and completely awesome.

Pretty easy, huh? Told ya it would only take a few minutes.


Take it further: To add a pattern, instead of simply dip-dying the spoons, dip a small (unused) paint brush into the fruit’s juices and use just like paint. You’ll probably want to re-dip your brush every couple of strokes for more saturated color.

Now, who’s ready for an ice cream party? I know I am.





Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff for Paper & Stitch

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This is definitely a fun one to experiment with Lisa. Anything that would potentially stain a shirt (on accident), would work for this project. Would love to hear what you come up with.

And Ursula, I love your idea for adding color to frosting. Clever!


Oh that’s such a good idea!
I’d be interested to try different foods to see what colours they make


This is very ingenious! I just had the idea of using the blueberries’ can juice to add color to vanilla frosting 😉

ursula Rosien

I know, right? After I finished this project, I started dying tons of other stuff because I had so much filling left. Love instant gratification projects like this one.


Great idea, Britt! I love that it’s all food safe so you can really dye the whole spoon! Pie filling, who knew!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Thanks Phoebe.


what a cute idea! 🙂
hashtagphoebe on bloglovin


I agree Allyson – it’s all about the details. Thanks for stopping by.


Cute and simple idea to try for summertime. I can see it as a great added detail for a children’s party as the kid’s sit out back, ice cream dripping. These little added details are what make parties memorable and fun. Thanks for sharing.


Trix & Trumpet

Make This: Fruit Dyed Wooden Ice Cream Spoons DIY: Move over spring. Summer is coming! And…

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