Wall Crawl: Picking the Right Art for Your Home and Making Sure it Fits When it Gets There

It’s no secret that I’m a big art fan over here. Kind of goes with the territory when your degree is in studio art. But I know for some it can be a little intimidating to pick out artwork, figure out where it would best go in your home, hang it successfully (especially if you’re doing a gallery wall), etc.

SO! I partnered with Art.com to show you how insanely easy the process can be, from visualizing what pieces will look best, to making sure it will actually fit when it gets there. There’s some before and after photos of my space too!

Here’s a side by side of what the space looked like before and what it looks like now…

I used the new features on the Art.com iOS app to figure out what pieces looked best together and try them out in my space before purchasing anything. The Gallery Wall Designer tool, helps you choose from different gallery wall styles, including mid-century modern (my fave), rustic, or contemporary. From there you can design your dream gallery wall with a few quick taps.

Then use ArtView™, the augmented reality feature, to actually see what the artwork you selected will look like in your space. And if you like what you see, you can buy it all (fully framed and ready to hang) on the app and have it shipped right to your door. The whole process makes figuring our gallery walls AND artwork in general so much easier! You can also select just one piece of artwork to visualize if you’re not feeling the gallery wall thing. So, there’s something for everyone.

After hanging the artwork and adding some new pillows, I’m good to go. The pieces I selected are from the mid-century section of the Gallery Wall Designer (the two frame option). I tried a bunch of options ahead of time to figure out what I liked best. I can be a little indecisive when it comes to choosing artwork, so I found these new features super helpful. Anyone else indecisive on home decor stuff?!

Eventually, I landed on two pieces from my favorites section: Tropical by Seventy Tree (the black and white geo print) and Study21 by Jamie Derringer (who you may also recognize as the founder of Design Milk). What do you think?

Win your own gallery wall! To celebrate the launch of these new features, Art.com has launched its #LoveYourWall campaign, to remind you that a simple update (like a new gallery wall) can make a world of difference. Share a post to Instagram or Twitter that shows off a wall in your home that you’d love to make over with ArtView™ with the hashtag #LoveYourWall for a chance to win one of five shopping sprees to get your own gallery wall that Art.com is giving away on February 22!

Think you can tackle artwork for your walls now? And what types of art do you love most in your home? Photography, paintings, prints, etc? I’d love to know!

This post is in partnership with Art.com. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Paper & Stitch running.


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The only art I have on the walls in my home are oil and acrylic paintings, but I love all kind of art.

Prints and photographs are perfect for minimalist homes.

When it comes to art I have hanging in my home, some are my own painting, some are works I commissioned from local artists. I own quite a few paintings. I’m a big art lover.

The art you showed here is wonderful!

ivana split

Hi Emily. Yes it is. Bought it from Home Depot.


Vibrant colors and space! I like that the plant grounds it all, is that a fiddle leaf fig? Where did you get it?


Sure Abigail. The couch is from Article and comes in several colors. Here’s the link: https://www.article.com/product/1525/burrard-seasalt-gray-sofa


Very cute. I love the couch as well, can you tell me what it is/where it’s from?


Thanks Pink Pineapple. Much appreciated.


I love post, so cool room

The pink pineapple

Thanks Hena! Happy Friday. 🙂


Sounds great.. thanks for sharing. Two great pieces.

Hena Tayeb

Thanks Courtney.


I love the wall art! It looks so cute.


Thanks Jenny. And agreed Michelle. Love mixing and matching.


I always love a mixture of paintings, posters and pictures. If they’re all in the same colour range it looks very cool!


I love this!


Thanks Rena. I like the artwork too. 🙂


I really like this artwork!
With love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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