Rug Thug: How to Choose the Right Rug + 24 Really Cool Rugs to Get you Started

By Brittni • Updated on 02/15/2024

On the hunt for really cool rugs? Here are 24 options that might just fit the bill AND plenty of tips for finding the perfect one.

A new rug for our living room was at the top of my list for months. If you follow along on my Instagram, you know that is true.

And once I found the perfect one (number 2 on the list), I realized what an impact a great rug could make in a space. Even if nothing else has changed.

So, I rounded up 24 mostly neutral but still very cool rugs to (hopefully) make your rug search a little bit easier.

Knowing where to find the rug of your dreams is kinda only half the battle.

So I also included my top tips for how to pick a rug, what size you’ll need, even whether or not you actually need a rug pad that companies are always trying to add on to your order.

24 Cool Rugs to Help you Find the Perfect One


1. Ellington Hand-Tufted Rug from McGee and Co. (from $142)

I honestly can’t believe this is a manufactured rug, because it looks so authentically vintage. I especially love the colors and how muted the rug is.

This pattern and color combo is perfect for kids because it’ll most likely hide pesky stains.

2. Stripe Break Rug from Lula and Georgia (from $98)

This rug is currently sitting in my living room (I have the 8×10). I’ve only had it for a few months, but it’s already standing the test of a toddler and a cat really well.

Which might be surprising for such a light colored rug in a high traffic zone.

The texture is really forgiving when it comes to Franz digging his claws in it.

And it’s been really good for playtime with Hayes because all of his toys with wheels roll over it nicely. 5-star rating and two thumbs up from me!

3. Peruvian Rug from Garmentory (from $294)

For a vintage rug, I love how vibrant these rugs are. Garmentory has more to choose from too.

I only linked to one of them, but if you’re looking for a vibrant vintage rug, peek around the Garmentory site for a truly unique rug. Another great spot for vintage online is Etsy!

4. Concord Rug from McGee and Co. (from $230)

The color combo of this rug is so pretty. The coral and blue are really beautiful together and kind of remind me of the rug I have in my bedroom right now.

5. Ivory Tower Reversible Rug from Leif (from $68)

So this rug seems like the perfect rug for a high traffic area. Why? Because it’s reversible.

If one side is getting a little dingy, extend the life of this rug by flipping it over!

Since its double side, you could also think of it as two rugs in one.

So if you’re feeling bored and want to switch things up, just flip to the other side for a refreshed space. Talk about getting a good bang for your buck.

6. Territory Resto Rug from Garmentory (from $225)

I’m a sucker for texture, and this rug has got a ton of it. Plus, there’s something so pure and simple about a white rug.

Granted, white rugs are a risk, BUT if you feel like taking the leap, this is a really good one.

It’s perfect for low traffic areas like the guest bedroom or guest bath. Spaces that don’t really get a lot of action, but you still want them to look beautiful.

7. Hand-Knotted Double Diamond Rug from Anthropologie (from $128)

On the other side of the spectrum, this rug is full of color (which I love).

It’s similar to the vintage runner we have by our front door with the pink color palette. Lots of texture and lots of color makes this the perfect statement in your space.

8. Cliona Rug from Lula and Georgia (from $66)

I love how playful this rug is. It’s a really thin weave so you might need to put a rug pad underneath (which I’ll touch on later).

But it’s a great option for a nursery or a living room. It’s a good rug for playtime too, if you have kids!

9. Zahari Rug from West Elm (from $299)

Here’s another ‘looks vintage but isn’t vintage’ rug that is all kinds of cool.

I especially love the pink and could see this in a super feminine nursery or in a super neutral space as a statement rug.

This could also be a really cool rug to layer over a jute or simple woven rug if you want to get a smaller size / don’t want a huge pink rug to be the highlight of the room.

10. Zehra Rug from Lula and Georgia (from $398)

I love the lines of this rug. And how the colors are so muted and sparse.

It’s perfect for just a taste of color without being too overwhelming or too much of a statement.

11. Sundari Area Rug from The Citizenry (from $650)

This is a good rug if you have a huge space. You’ll read a bit more about it below, but darker rugs are really good for anchoring larger spaces.

And the lines of this rug are so cool! It’s got a bit of a Cali vibe, which I really like too. But I’m kinda partial, since I was born there and all.

12. Arches Rug from Lula and Georgia (from $128)

So this is another rug I tried in the living room. But I ended up sending this one back and honestly, it was tough because this rug is SO unique.

I really love this rug, but with our existing furniture and a toddler on our hands, it didn’t feel like the right move for where we are in life at the moment.

That said, please buy this rug so I can live vicariously though you! Haha. It’s really amazing!

13. Hand-Knotted Mischa Rug from Anthropologie (from $128)

If you want to moroccan rug look, but not the trellis rug that everyone already has (including me), this is an awesome option.

The design is different from what you typically see and I’m a sucker for some good looking tassels.

14. Mesa Rug from Block Shop (from $900)

I know this has a bigger price tag than some of the others, but this rug is so beautiful and unique.

I pretty much love every rug that comes from Block Shop, but the color and design of this rug is too good.

15. Cordoba Rug from West Elm (from $199)

I love the muted pastely colors of this rug. The design is really cool and looks super vintage (without the vintage price tag). Win win!

16. Pamela Wiley Arches Rug from West Elm (from $299)

If you’re looking for something a little less conventional, this rug is a cool option.

Especially if you’re not into a vintage style rug and have a more contemporary or modern space.


17. Kelim Rug from Ferm Living (from $116)

I’m all about this color combo. The rusty reds are really pretty and I love the design of the shapes.

18. Alexi Black Jute Rug from CB2 (from $299)

Like I said before, this darker rug would be perfect for a big space. Plus, the color combo is really pretty.

I love the rusty red next to the blueish grey. It makes for a really interested color palette to work with in a space.

19. Tufted Perrin Rug from Anthropologie (from $78)

I rarely meet a stripe I don’t like, and this one is definitely included in that category.

What I love most about it is that fact that it’s tufted,  giving it all the feels you want underneath your feet.

Perfect for the bedroom. I mean, who wouldn’t want to step on a fluffy cloud of striped perfection after getting out of bed? It’s the perfect way to start the day.

20. Lagoon Rug from Block Shop (from $500)

Another rug (that really is like a piece of art) from Block Shop. I can’t resist the lines of these rugs.

I mean, I’ve never seen anything like this before and love how unique it is.

21. Array Handwoven Recycled Rug from CB2 (from $129)

Not only is this rug super cool, it’s also sustainably made. It’s made with recycled cotton from the garment district and is super durable.

So if you’ve got pets or kids, this rug can take the heat.

22. Aures Rug from West Elm (from $299)

This is another rug that has a really Moroccan feel that I’m really into.

But if you can’t get into a tufted rug (because they really require a lot of vacuuming and who really has time for that?) this is a really great option.

Why? Because its all the design aspects I love about a Moroccan rug with wayyyy less upkeep and wayyyy more durability.

23. Puna Rug from Pampa (from $601)

Can you tell that I’m pretty obsessed with this rust color? And I’m REALLLY into this rug. It’s so simple, but really makes a bold statement.

And it would look so cool in virtually any space. This rug is currently convincing me I need just one more rug in my house. Haha.

24. Ruby Tufted Rug from Urban Outfitters (from $149)

All the looks and feels of a vintage rug with a friendly price tag. This rug is a great option if you’re looking for an authentic Persian rug on a budget.

So now that you’ve seen them all, which ones are you most drawn to? And how do you know what size to get? All questions I’ve asked myself when trying to find the perfect rug for our space.

And while I’m no expert, I’m happy to share the tips I’ve picked up along the way, that really seemed to help me.

How to pick a cool rug?

Bigger is (sometimes) better.

Instead of using multiple rugs that will visually break up a space, try a large one that will make the space cohesive.

This can be especially important in smaller spaces.

In open concept homes, you have some more wiggle room when it comes to the amount of rugs in a space.

Mind the Color. 

If you have a small room, generally a safe bet is going with a lighter colored rug (to make the room feel bigger and more open).

BUT there are definitely exceptions, like this colorful-meets-semi-neutral vintage rug in Mollie’s bathroom, from Almost Makes Perfect.

Doesn’t it look so good in here? In this case, with the neutral wood tones and and white walls, a more colorful patterned rug grounds the space.

Know your Space.

You won’t know what size you need unless you measure the room (or at least the spot you’d like the rug to be) and understand the shape of your space too.

Here are a couple of examples: Square dining rooms usually call for round tables which look great on top of round rugs. Longer more rectangular rooms can generally be oriented that way.

What size rug should I get for a…

Large living room?

Try a large rug that all your furniture can sit on completely. Especially if it’s a living room in an open concept space. It visually fills the space and anchors the entire room.

Living room where my furniture is touching the walls?

Stick to a rug that the front legs of all your seating can sit on. You don’t want your rug butting up against the wall, and there’s no need to pay for the extra square footage of a rug you won’t even see under neath a piece of furniture.

Small living room?

Get a rug that’s big enough for the interior of the seating space. Just big enough to peek out from under your coffee table. One of these Block Shop rugs (above) would look great in a small space, don’t you think?

Dining room?

The rule of thumb for the dining room is that you should have enough space for the chair legs to all sit on the rug.

Large bedroom?

Go with a rug big enough for a few feet of space around the entire bed.

For instance, for my king sized bed, we used a 8×10 rug that follows this guide.

Small bedroom?

The best way to get a rug in a small bedroom is actually to use 2 rugs on either side of the bed.

These can be 2 3×5 rugs or 2 small runners. These should not be longer than the bed itself though.

BTW – None of these are steadfast rules that can’t be changed – just guide to get you started.

What if my rug is too small?

I haven’t tried this in my own space, but I’ve seen this done in really cool ways lately. The best way to combat a ‘too small for the space’ rug is to layer.

Just like Leanne Ford does in her bedroom in the photo above. She layered a pretty vintage moroccan rug over a simple white woven rug to give it a little more width.

Jute or any natural woven rugs are pretty inexpensive. Especially when you need something really large.

Buying a huge jute or natural woven rug is wayyyyy less $$ than buying a huge unique / vintage rug (for example).

In short, layering could save you hundreds while still getting a big enough rug for your space AND getting a small and cool special rug for the centerpiece of the space.

Rug pad or no?

Another question you might be wondering about is if you need a rug pad or not.

I currently have a rug pad under my living room rug (which is #2 from this list). And the main reason we put one under it is because the rug is pretty thin.

We spend a lot of time in the living room and I wanted something a little more cushy to walk on (and keep it from moving around too much).

I’ve been thinking that we need one under the rug in Hayes’s room too for the same reason. 

I think a good rule of thumb is to always put a rug pad under a thin woven rug, where tufted or high pile rugs don’t necessarily need one.

Especially if they’re underneath pieces of furniture that hold them in place.

Another reason you might use a rug pad is underneath a rug in a high traffic area if the rug isn’t being anchored by furniture.

A non-slip pad is smart to use, but be careful with the kind of pad you buy…

What kind of rug pad should I get?

If you have hardwood floors, steer clear of rug pads made with plastic if you can.

Why? Because they can damage the finish of your flooring. Instead, look for felt pads for thin rugs or natural rubber pads for a non-slip option.

Not only are they good for protecting your floors, they’re made from natural materials which means they’re also eco-friendly.

Okay! That’s it. We’ve finally made it to the end. Are you still with me? Haha. Are you currently looking for a rug? 

Which rug do you like most from all the ones I shared? I’d love to see if any of these beauties make it in your home!

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