Behind the Scenes: A Few Days in Roundtop, TX

A Few Days in Roundtop, TX
I went on a little blogger retreat a while back, with a handful of friends and realized recently that I never got around to sharing the photos from my time there. It was a short trip, but I had such an amazing time with some very good friends that I’ve known for years AND some new friends that I’ve only recently met in person.

The whole thing took place in Round Top, Texas and with all the devastation that’s happened in Texas recently after Harvey, I thought today would (hopefully) be a good time to celebrate TX and share something a bit more uplifting.

A peachy summer centerpiece

This whole weekend was put together by Ashley and Jared of Sugar & Cloth, along with the Round Top Chamber of Commerce and The Vintage Round Top. Naturally, I couldn’t resist getting my hands in there to help out a little bit with some flower arrangements for the weekend and one or two other things, but all the awesomeness goes to them and their crew of very cool  ladies.

That said, I don’t have many photos because (shocker) I didn’t actually take that many. Gasp! You know it’s a good event when you barely remember to take out your camera. But you can see lots more photos here and here. For now, here’s what I remembered to snap pictures of…

A Few Days in Roundtop, TX

We spread out in Round Top a little so we could all experience something a little different. So some people stayed at The Vintage Round Top, some of us stayed at The Prairie by Rachel Ashwell and some stayed at The Wander Inn by Junk Gypsy. All fun places for sure, though I am totally partial to The Vintage Round Top – such a cool place, especially if you’re with a handful of people. Highly recommend it.

I went with Ash and crew to set up the space the day before, and then the next day when everyone arrived, we had an amazing dinner catered by the Houston-based restaurant Armandos. It was super low-key with tacos and margaritas (WHICH WERE SO DELICIOUS), but also styled up a little bit with the long table (obvs) to make an impact. Ashley had the menus done by Minted (custom gold foil menus) and I made a long floral centerpiece that ran the entire length of the table, with greenery and ranunculus  from Flower Muse. You know I love me some Flower Muse flowers. 

In case you’re wondering, the floral table runner was actually really easy to make (it did take a long time though, I will admit). I started with a long garland of greenery and then I just added additional greenery and ranunculus every few inches to make it feel more natural, with pops of color. Each ranunculus stem had it’s only little water source to keep stems fresh (which also meant we could reuse them afterwards).

Entertaining outdoors in Round Top, Texas

The next day, we went to a private estate for lunch, and then got to spend some time with rescued horses (!!!!!!!!) before traveling around the rest of Round Top on a little tour bus to see all of the shops, etc with the Round Top Chamber of Commerce. The balloons that floated over the pool were from Kelly and the Studio DIY balloon shop and the tables were outfitted by Minted,  Sweet Jenny Belle, and Armandos. Ashley did all the decorating and I did the florals (again using flowers from Flower Muse).

And I think that kind of wraps it up. It was so awesome to get to spend some time with such an amazing group of bloggers – Kelly, Melissa, Eden, Chelsea, Courtney (who has a new book out), Cyd, Jen, Cassie, Julie, and Michael. But how did we not all get a photo together?!

Round Top, TX

Round Top, Texas

Entertaining outdoors in Round Top, Texas

A pool party in Round Top, Texas

Have you ever been to Round Top before?! If you’re in Texas (Austin, Houston, Dallas, etc), it would be a super chill weekend getaway. Or a more adventurous trip during the super busy antique show dates.


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Great Post!! Absolutely amazing.


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Beautiful pictures i love!

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The pictures are Pintrest Pin worthy , not eve lying! Stunning photography Brittni ! Please keep posting more~! xx

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It is so incredibly pretty there! I just love all the photos you took while you were there.

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