Stringing You Along: A Neon DIY Idea for the Kitchen

By Brittni • posted on 02/13/2024

The neon trend has been big in fashion this year, but sadly, I haven’t seen it in housewares quite as much. I love translating fashion trends to home decor because…well…I spend a lot of time at home and not as much time on my outfits. So here’s a tutorial to bring neon into your humble abode. I’m using mine in the kitchen, but you can plop these bad boys anywhere in the house.


  1. Storage Jars from Tonfisk
  2. Scissors
  3. Neon string (this is the exact string set I bought from Amazon)
  4. Clear tape OR craft glue / super glue

Here’s how to make your own:

1. Choose a color combo and map out your design. Then attach your first piece of string to the container using clear tape of glue. I opted for a temporary solution using tape so that I can remove everything without damaging the containers if I get tired of the neon. If you are using glue, be sure to let the string dry to your container completely before continuing on to the next step.

2. While the string is still attached to the spool, begin wrapping it around your container. Around and around until you reach the desired width for that color. Be sure to wrap the string around tightly to avoid gaps later. If you are using glue, you may want to add a dab of glue every 3-5 rows of string for extra security. If you are using tape for a temporary solution, this is not necessary.

3. Once you are happy with the width of the wrapped string on your container, it’s time to finish up. Cut your string from the spool and attach the end piece of string with tape or glue.

Here’s the finished project…

All photos by Brittni Mehlhoff (that’s me)

If this DIY idea looks familiar, it’s because I shared a sneak peek of this project on earlier this year for the hottest trends in DIY.

P.S. I’m not the only one who likes to wrap string around things. Here are a few other projects involving string that you might like… Neon Party Favors on You are my Fave; Milk Bottle Vases on Remodelista; and a Color Block Painted Rope Basket on Design Sponge.

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So creative – love this idea!


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Oh my, so awesome! I think I might do this on vintage clear glass milk bottles I have lying around for decor! Would look much more colorful and cool!

Janick - Nea

Really cool idea, a great way to brighten up a room!

Jewelry Rage

RT @ohmyhandmade: @TrashN2Tees DId you see the fun new tutorial on @papernstitch?

(@hollabee_bianca) (@hollabee_bianca)

@TrashN2Tees DId you see the fun new tutorial on @papernstitch?

Jessika Hepburn (@ohmyhandmade)

Love how you incorporated this trend into your kitchen. So creative!

Abigail Peterson

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This is delightful!


Good question Laura. I used a very small piece of clear tape. It shows a little bit, but not much. I tried to push it underneath the string above the last piece (if that makes sense) and there is a very small piece that comes down below the last string. But I decidedly made that the “back” of the piece. Glue is really the best way to deal with this if you want it to look seamless all the way around. But since mine is a temporary solution, I went with the tape. Good luck with the project! And have a great weekend.



Awesome idea AND colors! Definitely pinning this one! Quick question: when you’re down to the final string and you attach with tape – how do you hide that piece of tape so it doesn’t show at all? Your jars look seamless, if that makes sense! 🙂

Laura / Pet Scribbles

gorgeous idea! so unique and chic!


Making these soon! RT @papernstitch: here’s the tutorial:

Maya Shoucair (@mayashoucair)

What a great DIY! Looking really nice and easy to change depending on the mood.

Thanks for sharing.


Aw, thanks Lauren. You are so sweet. Hope you are doing well!


Such an awesome neon DIY by my friend Brittni | Stringing You Along: A Neon DIY Idea for the Kitchen via @papernstitch

(@laurenelise85) (@laurenelise85)

It’s awesome to see neon in the home too! Brilliant idea Brittni!

Lauren Elise

Thanks Aneta. 🙂



Fantastic idea 🙂


Stringing You Along: A Neon DIY Idea for the Kitchen via @sharethis

Aneta Hayne (@stitchinnetka)

Stringing You Along: A Neon DIY Idea for the Kitchen via @sharethis @papernstitch

(@NatashaHazrati) (@NatashaHazrati)

love it! “@papernstitch: Stringing You Along: A Neon DIY Idea for the Kitchen: The neon trend has been big in fashion…â€

(@clairezinnecker) (@clairezinnecker)
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