16 Cool Lamps for your Home

By Brittni • Updated on 08/11/2023

Unique lamps for any vibe.

Clay colored mushroom table lamp on a desk with artwork behind it

In an attempt to never ever turn on the ‘big light’, here are 16 cool lamps that will look amazing in literally ANY home. Some of them are like little sculptural works of art and some are just cute and functional…

Cool Floor Lamps + Table Lamps

I would literally have every single one of these lamps in my home. I love them all. And actually, I already have three of the lamps I included. Mini reviews of each of those below.

Roundup of table lamps and floor lamps in mid century, organic model, and eclectic styles

1. mushroom shaped wood table lamp $289

This light is sculpted from a solid piece of wood, which is just so cool!

There are photos of them being made too (which I always find fascinating to look at), if you’re curious. Just click the link.

2. embrace lamp $415

This lamp is a NEED. I mean! It’s handmade (ceramic) and looks like / is a work of art.

3. dou rattan floor lamp $739

Another need! I’ve been eyeing this floor lamp from Ferm Living for a while now.

Have seen it in the coolest homes and I just really want it. Anyone else onboard?

4. flowerpot v9 rechargeable LED portable lamp $315

Absolutely love the silhouette of the Flowerpot V9 lamp.

If you’re someone who can’t stand cords, this one is perfect bc there are no cords – it’s battery powered and rechargeable.

5. l’union black metal arc floor lamp $399

This floor lamp has cool Parisian loft vibes to me – part of the EyeSwoon founder, Athena Calderone’s collection with Crate and Barrel.

6. mini prairie table lamp $336

Huey makes incredible lighting and this little table lamp is adorable. Comes in two sizes and is made of walnut and porcelain (handmade).

7. setago rechargeable LED portable lamp $225

Comes in three color combos, but this one is my fave of the three. The cool thing about this table lamp is that it’s battery powered – no cord!

Even cooler, you can use it outdoors AND it’s dimmable. 

8. kadek lamp $299

Made by hand and no two are exactly the same! Major heart eyes for this one.

Roundup of earthy boho modern table lamps

9. vincente table lamp $398

This lamp would look good in literally any style of home.

10. globe table lamp $128

Okay, this lamp feels like the more sophisticated version of the next one on the list (number 11). Very cute.

11. xl globe floor lamp $229

This floor lamp has such a simple silhouette, but the fact that it’s a floor lamp makes it so unique.

Perfect for someone who loves those mid-century vibes.

12. courbe green ceramic + rattan table lamp $299

Probably the most popular lamp from the Athena Calderone collection with Crate and Barrel. And for good reason.

I could see this one sitting on the counter in a kitchen, hanging out next to a stack of books on a credenza, or a laid back bedroom.

13. seta wicker table lamp $349 (on sale rn $279 for warehouse sale)

This is the lamp that a handful of you said (on stories) that you wanted to buy from me, if I planned to sell it in my garage sale. I decided to keep it, after all. But I wanted to make sure to include the link, since it’s still available online.

I’ve had this lamp for a two(ish) years now and it looks exactly the same as the day I bought it. The only tough part about this lamp is that it is HUGE.

Hard to tell in the product photos, but maybe you can tell from the picture I took of it on the fireplace. It’s a really cool statement lamp and I love it! The only reason I considered selling it is bc I didn’t have a place for it anymore.

But I reconfigured some things and put it back on the fireplace, where it was before. Anyway, I love it! And if you have the space for a statement lamp, I think you’d love it too.

14. joy clay Leanne Fors table lamp $149

This lamp is from the Leanne Ford collab with Crate and Barrel and comes in two colors (white and clay).

I have the clay one, which is a pretty muted, earthy pink / slightly peachy. I love the shape and size (not too big, not too small).

15. teig lamp $299 (on sale rn for $229)

There’s something about this squatty little lamp that I just love. It’s quirky.

16. bronte table lamp $280

I just got this table lamp from Troy Lighting (collab with the uber talented stylist, Colin King) and it is such high quality!

I love the travertine base. It’s heavy and very sturdy. Has a very refined / elevated vibe. To see the whole collection head here: Colin King for Troy Lighting.

travertine lamp sitting on white oak nightstand in organic modern bedroom

Affordable Table Lamps from Target

I wanted to make sure to include some budget-friendly options for table lamps and floor lamps as well.

And when I was looking for pieces to include, I saw that Target had A LOT of cute ones. These are the ones I’m loving, all from target, and all under $80!

That’s it for the lamps. Which one was your fave? If I needed any more lamps rn, I would definitely be getting more than a few of these. I love them all.

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