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Hey there! I am really glad that you decided to join the papernstitch mailing list. You’ll be getting your first installment of business tips and my handmade picks of the week soon. But for now, I thought I would share a couple of really great articles, podcasts, freebies, and more that will help you take your creative business to the next level…

First, let’s talk about the freebies…

FREEBIE #1 //  Track This! Thermometer Goal Tracking Sheet: Need help keeping track of your monthly financial and business related goals? Use this thermometer goal tracking sheet and you’ll always know where you are. Just write down your goals on the left and color the thermometer in to that goal line each time your meet your goal.

Get your free thermometer goal chart now.

FREEBIE #2 //  3 Good Things Worksheet: It can really help boost your morale to take just a minute to remember all the “good” in your day, especially at the end of a long one. So, I created a free printable to help with that. Its a downloadable pdf where you can list your top three “good things” that happened today (and every other day). Just print one out for each day of the week, write it down, and save each page to look back on later (it will help heal your heart on those less than perfect days).

Download your free 3 Good Things worksheet now.


Want to take your creative business to the next level?

Wondering if you’ll ever get your business of the ground? Do you see the people around you shooting to success while you’re still down in the trenches working your tail off?

If you are nodding your head right now in agreement, then I invite you to watch this short video below about goal creation and tracking with my digital goals guide Track This!. The secret to success for your business is deciding what you truly want for yourself and your biz and then creating goals to get you there. Once that happens, you’ll have a clear plan of action moving forward down the road of success.

Track This! is packed with 33 pages of actionable worksheets, charts, and questions designed to help you figure out what your true (and very specific) goals are when it comes to your business, and how to stay on track and accomplish those goals once they are set. More details here.

To get your business on track for future success, click here.


Recommended Reading

Here are a few of the most popular articles on the blog at the moment…

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4. Why Confidence is Good for Business

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6. Just be Nice Dammit. It’s Better for Everyone.


Podcasts + Videos: Free Advice from Successful Biz Owners in the Creative Realm

I really enjoy talking with my peers about business and blogging. Here are a few of my favorites…

1. BlogCastFM: I sat down (virtually of course) with Srini of BlogCastFM for an interview where he asked me how I put together killer tutorials, my strategies for blogging, and more. Listen to the BlogCastFM podcast now.

2. Tara Gentile: Tara shares her advice for creating a successful business as a creative entrepreneur. Tara Gentile is the editor of Scoutie Girl and has turned her part-time blogging gig into a six-figure business in less than a year. Listen to the podcast with Tara now.

3. Blog Tips Video: Learn how you can create a community of dedicated followers with blog comments in this short video (9 min) from yours truly. Watch the video now.

4. Kathreen Ricketson: Kathreen is the editor of a popular craft blog called Whip Up and has also published a fantastic quilting book. In this podcast, Kathreen chats with me about how to land a book deal (and the process of getting published, how to connect with your community, and the kinds of craft projects that capture bloggers’ attention. Listen to the podcast with Kathreen now .