Track This! Tracking your Goals in 2011

By Brittni • Updated on 01/05/2011

I’m going to cut right to the chase… I’ve been working on a free downloadable chart for you (talented, amazing, beautiful) blog readers (who I heart so much) that will help you track your business goals for 2011, as well as a corresponding workbook, which will be available for purchase.

If you follow me on twitter, than you probably already know that, since I tweeted about it yesterday. (If you don’t already follow me on twitter, I’d love it if you did @papernstitch. I always respond to people who tweet me if you want to chat.)

The free download is done and will be available next week. But I am still working on the corresponding workbook. And I want to make it as helpful as possible for you. So, I need your help. All you have to do is answer this question (if you don’t mind)…

What would you personally like to see in this actionable workbook that will help you track your goals? What can I add to this workbook to help you take your business to the next level in 2011?

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Looking forward to the planner and the workbook. I would suggest some kind of visual aid to mark the accomplished tasked. Nothing feels better (almost nothing else feels better:)) then crossing off tasks accomplished on a “to do” list.


Possibly a space where we can make notes? I always need a specific space for that as I don’t like putting it in diary space. Also a contacts section. Maybe even a tips page! if you felt so inclined. I love it in my academic planner where it has weekly study tips, as it really gives me something to think about. It might be cool to have general goals and tasks as well; “Why not email someone interesting this week?” or “Discover three new artists this week” or something like that to help you try something new and find a new perspective.


I am super excited to see this! I desperately need this!

Juleen Kenney

Hi Charlotte. Funny you should suggest a thermometer. I guess you’ll find out why on Wednesday (the tentative release date for the track this! download). Thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone. I am writing them down and will definitely be incorporating some of these ideas into the workbook, which will be available in the coming weeks.


This isn’t really much, but I really like blank pages in between my regular pages, for what I call “brain dumps” – I tend to do better when things get tough, when I can just write stream of consciousness everything going on up in the ole’ noggin’. There are lots of circles, arrows, and doodles as I realize along the way how things are connected. These pages are handy even for relevant note taking and even sticking pictures, tutorials or photos I cut out of magazines. The reason I like them in between, and not at the end of a notebook, is that it’s easier to transfer ideas through the months, track my thoughts and ideas, and it’s easier to transfer information that is chronological.


Something I can use to track multiple goals over the course of a week. Like this:

Jan____________ 1___2___3___4___5___6___7_
Make Portraits_[_]_[_]_[_]_[_]_[_]_[_]_[_]

So that I can track/check off/etc. each day that I do something toward my goals.

M. Elizabeth Williams

Something I can use to track multiple goals over the course of a week. Like this:

Jan 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Make Portraits

So that I can track/check off/etc. each day that I do something toward my goals.

M. Elizabeth Williams

How about something fun to track your progress like a “thermometer” you have to colour everytime you reach one of your in between goals..

I would also include something about long term goals so you can move on to the next one once you finish your first goal. A year is over before you know it 🙂

visualizing can be a great tool to motivate me. How about including a tiny motivating moodboard for each goal? A page you can return to when you loose track of the big picture.

How about adding a cool printable to do list?

good luck sounds like a great plan!


Haha! Thanks for the suggestion Mai.


How about some hunky bishounen to keep us motivated? 😉 (lol, just kidding. well not really. 😀 )


Great idea Lakshmi. Thanks so much for the suggestion. Goal reminders are super helpful. I’ve had trouble in the past with this because I am super forgetful. If I don’t write it down, it doesn’t get done. After all, if you can’t remember what your goal is, it will be hard to accomplish. 🙂


It would be nice to have a goal reminder . Assuming someone aims for 100 sales by mid year , a reminder at the bottom of the page or something that brings attention to it , might help . I tend to set goals for something at a certain point and set up email reminders to myselfa day or two earlier . But maybe you’ve already thought about it 🙂


What a great idea Van >> “Taking small steps daily is important, in my current planner at the bottom I write down the one new opportunity I applied for that day”


I’m excited about this project, I’m the type that’s always writing business notes/lists/things to accomplish.

Taking small steps daily is important, in my current planner at the bottom I write down the one new opportunity I applied for that day (internship, guest blog, whatever it may be). It might be neat to see a designated area for that in your planner.

Otherwise, I look forward to what you’ll bring to this workbook.


Thanks Tammie for the suggestion. I always find it helpful to have a full year on one page as well. The challenge is most boxes are too small to write anything in that point. That’s an interesting thought about the chain getting longer and longer. Hmmm…


a full year calendar all on one page, so each day you do something that gets you closer to your goal, you can make a little mark and see the chain getting longer and longer. (i just read this on lifehacker and it is something jerry seinfeld does). i was actually going to start working on a pretty one for myself, but maybe you could do one for your workbook!


Hi Haley. That’s a great idea. Thanks for your feedback. I hadn’t thought of that before you mentioned it, and I will definitely try to work in that idea some how.


This sounds so great, can’t wait to see it!
What about some sort of place to write in a little reward for ourselves. Like, when I accomplish “x” I will treat myself to”_____”. I always have some sort of reward in mind when I’m working on a project or under a deadline.
Keep up the amazing work and thanks for being so generous:)

Haley By Hand
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