Uncanny Cork Vases & Containers Tutorial

Almost two years ago, I bookmarked a wonderful tutorial from Design Sponge for a cork lamp. I just loved the idea and wanted to translate it in another way. But for some reason, I kind of forgot about it as time went on, and then this weekend when I was rinsing out some cans to put into the recycling bin, I remembered. I had also just bought some beautiful tulips, and immediately knew exactly what to make. A cork vase to hold notes, photographs, and of course flowers.

But these vases can also be used as organizational containers for your extra pens and even succulents too. And could also double as party/ wedding favor place cards.

Materials: Soup/ Vegetable Cans, Spray paint (any color), roll of cork (you can find it at many local craft stores or order online here), heavy duty craft glue, scissors, ruler, extra pins or clothespins to clamp cork while drying

How Do I Make This?

1. Grab some cans (soup, vegetable, etc) from the recycling bin and make sure they are washed out thoroughly. Peel off labels and clean off an sticky areas. Allow to dry fully.

2. Spray paint the inside of each can, as well as the outside rim. This may take multiple coats. Let dry fully again.

3. Roll out your cork, and place the bottom of your can at the end of the roll. Mark off the width of the can with a pencil and use a ruler to create a long straight line. I recommend cutting the length twice as long as you need. Then you can wrap the cork around twice to make it thicker for sticking pins in, etc.

4. At the end of the cut roll of cork, run a thick bead of heavy duty craft glue. Attach to can and begin rolling, adding more glue as you go.

5. At the end of your roll, add another thick bead of glue and then pin or clamp down with clothespins until dry.

6. Once dry, you are ready to add flowers, pencils, plants, or anything you can dream up. If you are using your containers as vases, I would recommend putting a glass that is slightly smaller inside the container to avoid leaks. That’s what I did, and it works great.

Here are the results… (click each image for a larger view)

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These are so wonderful -I can totally see these as teacher gifts -attach cute magnets to them as well! Thanks for sharing!

Renae Bradley

thanks again to everyone who has been blogging about this tutorial or commenting here on the blog about it. always so, so nice to hear other people’s take on little things that i make around the house. and by the way bridget, i love your blog!


these are so great.

bridget Hunt

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I saw your lovely canisters on Design Sponge and am totally inspired. I linked back to them on my blog, hope that is okay.


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Welcome to oliver + s > notches

I noticed that in your fifth picture, there was a desktop background from d*s. Love it!


wow, i really want to make these now! the color of the cork really goes well with the succulents :).


great idea! it’s looks so chic!


these are wonderful.
i’ve been looking for ways to make flower pots and such more fun and decorative, definitely using this idea!


Thanks for your comments everyone. Cork is such a great material. Sometimes I feel like I could cover my entire house with it.


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This one’s a dandy, for his birthday « jodimichelle

This looks awesome, and I love that it is so unique! Thanks!


I love the cork look. Thanks for sharing, I think I am going to try it.


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Really liking this organic look! Thanks for sharing!


Awesome! I love that you can pin things on these containers.

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