Weekend DIY to Try: Giant Color Blocked Wall Ornament Message Board

By Brittni • Updated on 02/14/2024

Holiday DIY // Giant Color Blocked Wall Ornament Message Board

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I’ve made it my mission to cram in as many holiday DIY projects as possible before Christmas this year (how is it less than two weeks away?!) because I always end up with a ton of extra ideas after Christmas that I wasn’t able to fit in before the holiday.

Sooooo, today I’m bringing you another holiday DIY and this one is perfect for the weekend!

Also, it one of my faves so far because I can (and will!) use it after the holidays are over, by removing one little piece. Easy as pie.

So what are we making exactly?

These giant color blocked holiday wall ornaments, made of wood, that double as a message station. Yay. I love projects that have a dual purpose. Don’t you?

Supplies for Giant Wall Ornament for the Holidays


So to make your own, you’ll just need a few supplies. You can pick everything up from Home Depot, so it’s a one stop shopping situation. Bonus!

How To:

Apply Tape // DIY Holiday Wall Ornament

1. Start by taping off a section of the wood round at a diagonal. And covering the entire area with strips of painter’s tape to keep from getting paint in areas you don’t want it.

Spray with Primer // Wall Ornament Message Board

2. Next, coat the exposed wood area in primer. This can be a latex primer that you spray on or a spray paint primer that works well with wood. I went with spray paint, but both work just as well. Add a second coat of primer if necessary, before moving on to step 3.

Paint with Chalkboard Paint // DIY Wall Ornament Message Board

Paint with Chalkboard Paint // Wall Ornament Message Board

3. Once the primer is completely dry, it’s time to add the chalkboard paint. Be sure to shake up the can before opening. Then, paint the exposed surface with a paint brush. Wait for the paint to dry and add a second coat of chalkboard paint if necessary.

Remove Tape // Giant Holiday Wall Ornament

4. Once you’ve given the paint ample time to dry (1-2 hours or completely dry to the touch), you can peel off the painter’s tape. I have to brag for a second about how crisp that line is! I’m high giving myself right now.

Add Wood Block to Top // Giant Holiday Wall Ornament

DIY // Giant Holiday Wall Ornament

5. Once the tape has been removed, add a long bead of wood glue across the surface of the wood block. This is what takes the finished piece from a basic circle to an ornament shape. Attach the wood block to the top center of the circle and allow it to dry completely, according to the label on the bottle. Done!

NOTE: If you want to reuse the message board after the holidays are over, do not use wood glue to attach the wood block to the circle. Instead, attach it with Command strips or double sided foam pad stickies, that can be removed after the holidays are over.

Holiday DIY // Giant Color Blocked Wall Ornament

And if you don’t want to keep the raw wood exposed in the finished piece, you can paint over the raw side, after taping and priming. So there’s lots of options with this one. They would be fun with multiple colors too, kinds of like pie charts. Don’t you think? I might have to try that.

DIY Holiday Message Board Idea

DIY Giant Color Blocked Wall Ornament Message Board

Holiday DIY // Wall Ornament Message Board

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Think you might give this project a try over the weekend?

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You totally deserve a high-five for those crisp lines! I’m booking so many of your projects to try once I have a free moment.


Wow I just love this. It’s so simple and yet lovely. Would go perfectly in my office. Love your style! xx


All of your DIYs are so cute and well done. You have so many great ideas!


Probably not something that I’ll end up doing this weekend (am I the only one who’s totally behind on everything holiday related??) but I love this project because there’s so many possibilities. Can’t wait to give it a try at some point – and I’ll definitely let you know how it comes out!





It’s so funny…I was actually thinking of you, specifically, when I wrote that! Wish I was meeting with you at 4 too!!


These are so good!! And I wish I was meeting with you at 4pm…! 🙂

Mary Costa Photography

Thanks! That’s my favorite part of these, Arielle…that I can use them year round.


oh! super cute. I love how you can totally make them suitable for after the holidays. and christmas has definitely snuck up on us this year, as well!

love, arielle
a simple elegance


Awesome, Debra. Happy to hear that.


These look so good and I actually really like the colour of the tape too 🙂


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