24 Cute Reusable and Eco Friendly Products

By Brittni • Updated on 04/18/2024

Super cute eco friendly products to replace single use plastics and more.

eco friendly products in cute and colorful designs

If you follow along on my Instagram stories, you may know that I’ve been making some changes to be a more eco friendly in my personal life over the last few years.

I started with hiding the paper towels I already had under my sink to see if I could go without using them. And guess what? It’s been years now and I don’t miss them at all. PLUS, my grocery bill is a little lower now too since I’ve stopped buying them.

Seeing how easy it was to switch to unpaper towels, I wondered what else I could replace with more eco friendly options.

In my searching, I stumbled onto SO many options from water bottles to reusable straws… even reusable ear swabs (sounds a little gross, but they’re silicone so you can easily wash and disinfect). And thought I create a list of the cutest / coolest items I found.

In order to make the list, it had to be functional AND fashionable / well designed. Because let’s face it, the cuter something is the more likely you’ll be to use it, right? At least that’s how it is for me.

And the more zero-waste or eco-friendly options we can use in place of single use items is a step in the right direction. So, here it is: 24 cute reusable and eco-friendly items to replace single-use products for good.

P.S. If you’re a crafter, be sure to also check out my list of easy eco friendly DIYs: 14 crafts to make using recycled materials.

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Easy Bath Salts Recipe (Wedding Favors Idea)

By Brittni • Updated on 04/14/2024

Need an affordable wedding favor idea that your guests will enjoy? Or cute party favor ideas for a little kids ‘spa day’ themed bday party? Make a homemade bath salt recipe using simple, household kitchen items with this very easy to follow tutorial.
pink bath salts displayed in skinny glass vials with flowers and cork tops
It’s so easy to make these DIY bath salts, you might find yourself making an extra batch or two to keep on hand year round for yourself. It would be cute to have a tiny jar of it ready to go for when you have guests come to visit too. As a thoughtful welcome after a long travel day. 
Here’s how to make your own DIY bath scrub guest favors.

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14 Easy Eco Friendly Project Ideas

By Brittni • Updated on 04/14/2024

Eco friendly projects to celebrate Earth Day and beyond.

6 DIY ideas for eco friendly projects that help reduce waste and reuse items you already have in your recycling bin

Earth Day is around the corner (April 22nd). So, today I wanted to share a handful of eco friendly projects that will help you reduce waste and make a small, but meaningful, impact overtime.

The best part about these DIY ideas though is that they all use items that you probably already have in your home.

So, you (most likely) won’t have to buy a single thing to remake one of these eco friendly ideas.

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Cadbury Choc Chip Cookies

By Brittni • Updated on 03/28/2024

You have to try these Cadbury choc chip cookies with your leftover Easter candy… Or make a special trip to the grocery store before Easter to pick some up just for this recipe because they’re that good.

pile of cadbury chocolate chip cookies for easter with pastel colored easter candy inside, sitting on marble counter

Easter candy is probably my favorite holiday candy….the Cadbury mini eggs and Robins Eggs, specifically. And since we had a bag of mini eggs laying around already, I thought why not make some cookies. And they’re delicious.

These Cadbury choc chip cookies will have you running to the pantry to see if you have all the ingredients. Spoiler alert: you probably do! Just grab the candy from the grocery store to add in and you’re all set.

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42 Unique DIY Easter Egg Ideas to Try

By Brittni • Updated on 03/21/2024

DIY egg designs to try before Easter comes and goes.

blue and green dyed easter eggs sitting in a small bowl as part of a easter table setting

Easter is coming up quick and after sharing a DIY Easter basket, the coolest things to fill Easter baskets with, and an Easter entertaining post, I thought I better get around to sharing my fave Easter egg DIYs before it’s too late!

As far as Easter egg decorating goes, I think it’s something that almost everyone does last minute anyway, right? So, there’s still plenty of time before Easter rolls around. 

Here are 42 unique DIY Easter egg ideas to try…

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How to Make (No Cost) Biodegradable Confetti

By Brittni • Updated on 04/17/2024

Biodegradable confetti is actually REALLY easy to make and chances are you already have everything you need in (and around) your home. Wanna know how to make your own natural confetti in literally ONE minute or less? Keep reading…

large leaves with hole punches in them to make natural confetti

For parties and celebrations, biodegradable confetti is becoming more and more popular, especially with outdoor gatherings. But why? There are a couple of reasons, but the first one is that biodegradable confetti is a sustainable choice that you can feel good about. And secondly, this type of natural confetti doesn’t require any cleanup because it’s made from nature – more specifically leaves. What’s not to love?

Eco friendly confetti is PERFECT for weddings too, imo. So if you have a celebration coming up, be sure to check out the very quick and extremely easy tutorial.

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Easter Egg Painter Eggs (DIY)

By Brittni • Updated on 03/13/2024

Currently channeling my inner impressionist Easter egg painter with an Easter DIY that is easy as pie. Honestly, painting feels more fun right than dyeing eggs, so I whipped up these painterly Easter egg designs that look cute and effortless. You can make them as simple or as detailed as you want. All you need to do is pick up a paint brush.

painted easter eggs in pastel blue colors with paint brush and palette nearby

I started painting Easter eggs when I was a kid, when I couldn’t get the fine lines and details that I wanted with dye. And it’s just as quick and easy to do now as it was way back then.

Here’s how I make my ‘Easter egg painter eggs’ in just a few minutes…

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