How to Throw Together a Stylish (But Cozy) Campfire Craft Night for Fall / Winter

Create a cozy campfire craft night by bringing the indoors out. Click through for more fall and winter entertaining ideas.

The weather has been cooling off here in Atlanta, so I took the crafting outdoors for the day, and made some cozy winter pom pom hats by a decked out campfire with Duraflame.

There were plenty of blankets, seating, and spiked hot chocolates to go around. So, I enlisted Jess and Cori to help out and we made a bunch of pom poms to embellish some fall / winter beanies. Click through to throw your own stylish (but cozy) campfire craft night.

How to Throw Together a Stylish (But Cozy) Campfire Craft Night for Fall / Winter
How to Throw a Stylish (But Cozy) Campfire Craft Night

To set the stage, I grabbed some rugs, blankets, and floor poufs from indoors, along with a metal shelf and brought them outside. I situated everything (safely) around the fire pit bowl and then added two of my fave outdoor chairs and more textiles to cozy things up. I brought in some plants that were already outside and arranged them around the seating nook to add texture and make it feel more like a chic campfire in the woods, etc.

After that, I filled the metal shelf with plants, a polaroid camera to document the occasion, mugs and a pitcher for the hot chocolate, along with DIY supplies to create the pom pom beanies and hats.

Then, I grabbed a Duraflame Crackleflame Firelog to get the campfire started. I love these things – they light quickly (full flames in less than 5 minutes) and burn up to 3 hours each, with the warm crackling sound of firewood. So, you don’t have to be an outdoorsmen to start a fire! A match or a lighter will do the trick. Just add the log to an empty fire pit (or in my case a firebowl) and light the two points on the seam of the packaging as instructed (full directions on packaging). That’s it!

How to make DIY pom pom beanies for fall and winter. Click through for the tutorial.

Need a craft for your cozy campfire? I love making pom poms for get-togethers like this because they’re really easy to make while you’re sitting around. No table needed!

How to Make Pom Poms with a Pom Pom Maker

To make your own pom poms, you’ll need a pom pom maker (I ordered a set of 4 sizes on Amazon for $13), some yarn, and scissors. Start by opening up the sides of the pom pom maker and lining them up to form two double decked wings (best way I can describe it). Then, wrap the yarn around one set of wings over and over and over again according to the instructions on the packaging. I always recommend adding more yarn than you think you need – and make sure the coverage is even too. Close that wing (bring it back to the center of the pom pom maker essentially). You’ll know you’ve added enough yarn if you can barely close it back up. That means you’ll have a full pom pom.

Cut off the excess yarn and start the process over, this time on the empty wing set. Once finished, cut off excess and push the wing closed (in the center again). Then, get out a sharp pair of scissors and cut all the way around in that notched area, for both wings. Make sure to keep the pom pom maker closed on both sides while cutting. Then, wrap a piece of string around the inside notched area that’s now exposed, all the way around. Tie it tight and double or triple knot. Then, you can remove the wings to reveal your pom pom. Trim uneven edges if needed.

How to make DIY pom pom beanies for fall and winter. Click through for the tutorial.

How to Make a Pom Pom Beanie (or Hat)

Using a needle and thread, attach the pom pom to the top of the hat or beanie. Create a thick knot on one end of your string. Then, put the needle through the top of the beanie (start from the inside of the beanie to keep the knot in place underneath) and string your pom pom onto the needle and thread. I went back and forth a couple of times through the beanie and the pom pom to make sure everything was secure. Then, bring the thread back through the underside of the beanie or hat one last time. Triple knot it and cut off any excess.

Quick note… If a needle and thread aren’t getting the job done, use yarn and a needle instead and follow the same process as above. It’s a more durable option.

P.S. If you need a beanie, Madewell has some cute ones right now. That’s where all mine are from (and the burgundy corduroy hat too).

How to Throw a Stylish (But Cozy) Campfire Craft Night

How to Throw a Stylish (But Cozy) Campfire Craft Night

DIY pom pom hats

A cozy modern outdoor living space, filled with plants and patterned textiles. #outdoorliving

Love this outdoor seating area. And that rug!

What are your fall / winter entertaining plans? Any backyard campfires in your future?

This post is in partnership with Duraflame. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that help keep Paper & Stitch running.

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Thanks Michelle!


It looks sooo cozy, I would love to do that sometime as well!


Hi Cat. That one is my favorite rug, so I brought it back indoors after the craft night was over because it rains a lot in Atlanta this time of year. 🙂 It’s great to have it outside for parties and stuff though!


What a lovely post but I really love your rug. How long have you had it outdoors? I’m always afraid to put my rugs outside.


That sounds like so much fun, Amy. And what a perfect time of year in Oregon right now before the rain to get some outdoor time in. Love it.


I just had a fire pit/outdoor night with friends last weekend 🙂 I don’t have a covered outdoor space at the moment, and we get super rainy here in southern Oregon in the fall and winter, so I had to squeeze it in before the rains come! I didn’t have crafts, just desserts and coffee since our husbands were there too 😉 I love a good backyard fire night!


Aw, thanks Courtney. This one was a lot of fun to put together. We all stayed out there for hours just hanging out. It was nice.


This is a good way to have a campfire! I love all these pictures.


Thanks Antonella. They’re definitely fun to make (and so easy)!


I love making poms! I can’t wait to make a few more to add to my holiday decor this year. Great photos!

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