10 Hot Housewares Projects for the Weekend

By Brittni • posted on 06/04/2024

It’s strange, now that I am kind of without a home of my own (at least temporarily), all I want to do is look at home decor projects. WHY!? I know I can’t complete any big (or small) projects right now. We can’t fit even one more thing in the car when we move to our next (mystery) location.

BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t share the projects I am dreaming about with you, right? So here are the housewares projects I am dying to try right now…

1. (above) Make Striped Painted Shelves

2. Painting a Set of Plates w/ Porcelaine Markers

3. Make a Modern Dog Bed

4. Drilled Wood Candlesticks DIY

5. DIY Bow Pillow

6. DIY Lighting Idea

7. Paint Dipped Vases Idea

8. Geometric Table Runner

9. Make your own Photo Magnets

10. How to Make and Upholster an Ottoman

P.S. I also write for Curbly and Momtastic. Here are my posts from the week.

Hope you have a great weekend! Catch you next week.

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Love the lighting idea. It has such an urban industrial look. Your desire to make these projects is catching…

Interior Design Fan

#DIY: 10 Hot Housewares Projects for the Weekend http://t.co/80XHtM6J

The Hidden Dollars (@hiddendollars)

Great, now I have to look through these awesome weekend DIYs and add them to my already long list of not-that-fun DIYs that have to get done. Thanks. Great post though!

Jesse @ Buckhouse

I’m in the same situation! I’m liiving with my parents between houses and I’m going crazy not having a space to work on! I blogged about that dog house earlier in the week as well. So cute!


So lovely DIY’s!!! So many great ideas and so little time 🙂 have a great weekend!


Thank you for including our ottoman for fun weekend projects, @papernstitch! http://t.co/PcZxmAvf

Kim & Scott (@TeamYBH)

Fun DIY stuff! RT @papernstitch 10 Hot Housewares Projects for the Weekend: http://t.co/kPPfUrq3

Uncle Beefy (@unclebeefy)
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