Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: 22 Mirrors To Make Your House Look Effortlessly Cool

By Brittni • posted on 09/19/2017

22 Cool Mirrors for Your Home! Click through for the full list (with links).

When it comes to small spaces (and dark spaces too for that matter), mirrors can do wonders to make a room feel more spacious, light-filled and complete. It’s a lot like artwork in that way, actually.

So, let’s fill up those bare walls with a little (or giant) mirror or two. Here are 22 mirrors I’d love to have in my home right now.

Roll over any image below for details (pricing, etc) and click any image to go straight through to the link…

Which ones are your favorites from the list above? I especially love the standing and leaning ones. What about you?







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I had never thought that a mirror might make such a difference in a room. And they come in so many different shapes and sizes, each one looks amazing

KMP Furniture Blog

Fabulous craft,I loved
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The pink pineapple

Mirror overload…that made me laugh. 🙂 On board with your picks, for sure!


I love each of these in a different way and can see them all in different places in my house! Or maybe that would be a mirror overload … My favourites are the triangular UO one and the tasseled Attalie Dexter one – love them!

Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo


Awesome Courtney. Happy to hear that!


All these mirrors are so creative, and cool. I love all of them.


Thanks Nancy. Totally agree on the personality thing with mirrors. It’s so much like adding wall art, if you find the right style. Don’t you think?


Such a great idea list! This is so cute with much more personality.


Totally, a big mirror can definitely make a room feel bigger, Of Ashes & Bones.


I love the idea! my favorite would be the leaning one. It makes the room feels bigger.

Of Ashes & Bones
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