Pillow Pusher: 23 Pillows that Will Transform Your Seating Area in an Instant

Pillow Pusher: 23 Pillows that Will Transform Your Seating Area in an Instant

I feel like a total pillow pusher right now because I’m itching for some new pillows at the studio and our apartment. Pillows are like a good pair of shoes. They can make or break the look and you can never have too many. I’ve also heard people say they’re like a pair of earrings…but for your couch. Not a bad analogy.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly upgrade for a seating area, a few new pillows will most likely do the trick. It’s a lot cheaper (and easier) than buying a brand new couch! But if you do happen to need a couch, I rounded up all of my budget-friendly faves right here: the coolest couches under $1,000. #shamelessplug

Click through to check out my pillow pushing ways.

And click any of the images below to shop my fave pillows. All 23 of them.

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Do any of these pillows catch your eye? I’m all about the textured ones…and the floor pillows too!

Top photo by Amelia Lawrence, from the custom storage and seating DIY.


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Everything has such a wonderful pattern and is made of beautiful fabrics. You might even try and make a DIY out of these

KMP Furniture Blog

You are right. These pillows are actually eye catchy. I love pillow designs and shapes.

Jonathan Merage

Beautiful and adorable pillow i love your work
New post:http://thepinkpineappleblog.blogspot.com/2017/08/haute-couture.html

The pink pineapple

Courtney, I have a rug version of the boobs rug at home and it’s one of my absolute faves. 🙂


Oh my gosh those pillows are so adorable. The boob pillow is kinda funny.

Courtney Hardy

Hi Michelle.
That’s a valid question. And the answer to that is I would! Sparingly at least….I like to mix high with low quite a bit in my home and at the studio.

So, for example, one statement pillow that’s on the higher end of the price range (like the $195 bolster pillow from The Citizenry) would look great by itself as the only pillow (which would cost about the same as buying 4 $50 pillows. OR you could pair a super strong pattern (like the $135 pillow from The Citizenry) with one or two less expensive pillows from Urban Outfitters, for close to the same price (or even with some quirky thrift store finds for even less).

To me, those high-quality / high design pieces are 100% worth it, IF it’s something you really love AND you can swing the price tag.



They are all beautiful, and I especially like the one from The Citizenry. But most of them are sadly rather expensive (my question: who would spend so much on a pillow??).

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