Stick It To Me: 5 Minute DIY Sticker Gift Wrap

By Brittni • Updated on 02/14/2024

Try this DIY gift wrap idea with a pack of stickers and just 5 minutes.

One of my absolute weaknesses when it comes to giving gifts is gift wrap! Of course I care what’s underneath the packaging, yada yada, but for whatever reason, I am obsessed with wrapping paper. It must be because I’m dying to create my own collection or something because I just can’t get enough…

We all know just how close Valentine’s Day is getting, so it feels like a pretty good time to DIY a little something for your V-Day pressies anyway. And it only takes 5 minutes, so you pretty much HAVE to do it. Right? Right!

5 minute DIY sticker gift wrap

Try this DIY gift wrap idea with a pack of stickers and just 5 minutes.

There’s really nothing to this one (just press stickers onto pastel papers and you’re good to go), which is why I don’t have any step by step shots. But I do have the source list for where I bought my stickers, if you want to create a similar pattern…

The holographic circles are from Amazon. The peachy pink dots are also from Amazon ($9 for a box of 1,000 stickers!). And surprise…the silver stars can also be bought on Amazon OR pretty much any office supply store, where the sticky tabs and yard sale stickers are. You can find them SUPER easily and they’re probably my favorite of all.

Once you stick them on your paper in a haphazard (or organized) pattern, wrap your gifts as usual and you’re good to go. I added some pastel painted wood hearts (which are from here) and colorful string to finish things off, but I think they look great on their own too.

Try this DIY gift wrap idea with a pack of stickers and just 5 minutes.

Pastel hearts

5 minute DIY sticker gift wrap

Try this DIY gift wrap idea with a pack of stickers and just 5 minutes.

Photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff
Craft production by Anissa Saxton

Are you as into DIY gift wrap as I am? What weird(ish) things are you obsessed with? I would love to know!

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These are all so creative and cute! I really love the designs. This will surely save time in wrapping gifts. Just perfect for this holiday season.

Danica Homer

That is AWESOME and cute u are so creative that’s good thanks for sharing ur creativity I appreciate it THANKS#U ARE AWESOME #CREATIVE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pretty cool. That seems so easy.
I hate when I should wrapping a gift because I can’t make it well.

Enny Law

Completely agree that gift wrap makes things a little better. Thanks so much Trina and Tina. 🙂


We too are suckers for wrapping paper. It just makes a gift that much better. This could quite possible be the cutest Valentine’s grift wrap ever!

Trina and Tina

Thanks Eleanor, Ari, and Marwa.


This is such a smart idea, a real time-saver!!

Marwa | Enthralling Gumption

Love this idea and how easy and convenient it is!


These look great – I especially love the peach ones! I’m a big fan of snazzing up plain wrapping paper!! x


Thanks Kelsey! Yep, you could totally use this technique for lots of occasions. Good call!


Love these! So fun. I think they’d be perfect for so many occasions.


Haha. Love that Les. I’ve kept wrapping paper from gifts in the past too. Sometimes it’s just too good to throw away.


i agree with you! i LOVE wrapping paper.
to this day i beat myself up for not buying that flamingo paper at marshalls a couple of months ago.
i just wished other people could love it as much.

last year for our office xmas exchange, i picked my gift solely because of the wrapping paper.
i opened it sooo carefully and i kept it.
heck, i loved that more than the actual gift…i dont even remember what i got. lol


Thanks Kimberly! 🙂


I can totally see you creating your own line of wrapping paper. Thanks for sharing such a fun and easy DIY!


Thanks Michelle!


That is such a cool idea, and I love how you combine rather pale colours with silver stickers!


Thanks KNC! It’s amazing what you can do with a few rolls of stickers, right? So fun and easy.


This is so cute! And I love that you can have one roll of paper and make it look different infinitely!

Your Own Queen

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