5 Minute DIY: How to Make a Mini Jewelry Dish with a Box Lid

5 Minute DIY // How to Make a Mini Jewelry Dish with a Box Lid

Remember those kraft boxes I used last week for that DIY hanging planter project? Well, I saved the lids so I could create these DIY jewelry dishes. And I wanted to share the super quick tutorial.

You only need two supplies for this project: kraft box lids and gloss enamel paint. That’s it. You don’t even need a paint brush!

Want to make your own? Here’s how…

Supplies for Jewelry Dish

Supplies: small kraft box lids (available at crafts stores in the paper mache crafts aisle) and gloss enamel paint

How To:

1. To make your own jewelry and trinket dishes, squirt glass enamel paint into the lid of a kraft box. I used three different colors to create a colorful abstract design.

2. Then, tip the lid over on it’s side and start gently taping the lid on a flat surface. This will move the paint around and give it a haphazard design.

Note: Don’t be afraid to use a decent amount of paint for each dish. Using a little more paint than necessary will soften the edges of the lid and make it appear more dish than lid. Plus, it’s fun to have a bunch of paint to move around the interior and exterior.

3. Continue this process until the entire lid is covered in paint (sides and all). Then, wait for the paint to dry overnight before using. That’s it!

5 Minute DIY // How to Make a Mini Jewelry Dish with Two Supplies

My only complaint about the finished pieces is that I wish there was a little bit more control over the type of abstract designs created. My favorite dishes are the ones that don’t look marbled. But some of that part of the process is just luck. You get what you get, kind of.

BUT you can go back and add more paint in certain ares that you don’t like (even before it dries) and tap the sides again to move the paint around. So, if you end up with a design you’re really not crazy about, you can easily salvage it with more paint.

5 Minute DIY // How to Make a Jewelry Dish with a Box Lid

5 Minute DIY // How to Make a Jewelry Dish with a Box Lid

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

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Wow, how clever! Perfect for a hoarder like me, ha! Definitely going to give this a go with some of my old gift boxes. 😉


What a beautiful idea! I have a few random mini boxes that I’ve saved–this would be a great way to repurpose them. 🙂 Pinning & Sharing!

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now we love to tidy up (our jewelry)

thanks! this is so cute


So cute – love it! 😀


Ahhhh so good! I love these!

Chelsea Foy

Loving this DIY I definitely want to make these for my bedside table!



These look really pretty and it’s great that they’re so simple!



LOVE this Brittni! I want to make so many of them!


Aw, thanks Kimberly! Let me know how it turns out, if you give these a try.


Ok. I pretty much love EVERYTHING about this project. The colors you used are beautiful. I have a ton of jewelry, so I am definitely putting this on my DIY list!


Thanks Jessica and Roisin!


So simple, and so cute! A definite must for me this summer I think! Thanks 🙂


I love this idea!! They turned out beautiful!!


Hi Melissa. That’s not a silly question at all. I had enough paint in there on the first go to cover the interior sides as well (and then added a little more paint to the back to complete that part when it was dry on the inside). You can definitely continue adding more paint while everything is still wet, if you find you haven’t added enough to make it all the way around. It blends in seamlessly, as long as the paint is still wet. Hope that helps.


I love this idea! Ok, silly question but did you manipulate the same paint for the whole thing or did you apply new blobs to the side & back and move them around?

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