Pastel Inspiration Boards + 30 Second DIY Hardware Store Hack

By Brittni • Updated on 01/03/2016

Pastel Inspiration Board

Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest as much as the next girl, but there’s something about having a physical (real life) inspiration board that cannot be replicated online. No matter how many pretty pictures you and I pin. Right?

That tactile process of physically pinning new things to the wall, taking older items down…I don’t know…I just really enjoy the slowness of it, I guess. And the fleeting aspect of things…as soon as you remove something from your wall, it’s gone. It doesn’t continue to exist online or continue to sway your direction / style / thought process / etc. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

So, as a quick exercise, I thought I’d share my current inspiration board and how it’s changed, even from just a few weeks ago.

I feel like I change out inspiration board items as often as I change my outfit, most of the time. But at the moment, I find myself stuck on one thing in particular: pastels! Which probably comes as no surprise, if you’ve been keeping up with my DIY projects lately ( exhibit a // b // c ).

Creative Workspace // Pastel Inspiration Board

Clay Beads

This last week or two, I have been filling my little half wall, by my desk, up with things that I’ve collected since the office makeover wrapped up. Along with a few things that I completely forgot I had (and recently found when I was cleaning out my craft closet the other day)…like that handmade crochet plant pocket that was made by Lemon Cucullu (which you might remember from this post).

I’ve kept a few things up, that are the same as before…it’s kind of hard not to be inspired by photos that my grandpa took, right? And there are a couple of photos from our Palm Springs trip, etc. But other than that, it’s feeling a little more fresh. Don’t you think?

And definitely much more pastel. Well, minus that neon accordion organizer, which is actually a hardware store hack.

Pastel Inspiration Board

30 Second DIY Hardware Store Hack

So, my 30 second hardware store hack…

I was scrolling through the aisles at a home improvement store a while back and found these lawn mower air filters. They come in interesting colors (the one I have is neon red and there was another one that was seafoam green, which is what originally caught my eye) and I thought they would work pretty well as a little accordion organizer. So I bought a couple and hung one close to my desk, to use for notes, business cards that I want to keep handy, etc.

All you need to do is remove the filter from the package and hang it on the wall with a nail (the back side has a wire grid that makes it super easy to hang from, so you don’t even need a hook). Packaging to wall. Done! Does that even count as a DIY?! Who cares, I’m counting it!

So, that’s my hardware store hack for the week. I love walking through those aisles so much. Don’t you? I always walk away with something random. And I love it.

30 Second Hardware Store Hack // Air Filter Turned DIY Wall Organizer

Geo air plant holder

30 Second Hardware Store Hack // Air Filter Turned DIY Wall Organizer

Hammer Time!

Pastel Inspiration Boards + 30 Second Hardware Store Hack

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

Do you have a physical inspiration board in your workspace? What does it look like right now? Cluttered and colorful? Minimal and monotone? I’d love to know!

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Waiting for a little Rose - BLOG ARREDAMENTO

Great thoughts on a real inspiration board… I need to get my office in order badly. Such a creative idea!


I love completely re-purposing things. That was an awesome idea. Your whole inspiration board looks great.


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Love it all—and the all seeing eye too! YES

natalie aka hungryhippie

Love this idea! Wanna have this in our kids room. Absolutly adorable <3

Sara von

Love your moodboard! I’m a Pinterest addict but maybe i’ll try a moodboard too. Thanks!


Where did you get the ceramic beads? I’ve been on the lookout for some good ones!


the lawnmower filter is too adorable! love the way it uses vertical space 🙂


Love this idea!

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Suzanne Dang

love the hammer time! beautiful. (mc, hammer, all ‘updated,’ i’m smilin’), ~~ thank you for the read and pics!

sharon /

Lovely! I really want to make one of these for my office, such a cute idea 🙂 thanks for posting it!

lucy xoxo


Wow, such a lovely post!
I love pastels too!
You’ve inspired me to take a step back from Pinterest and mood board for my new house:)
Can’t wait to grab some house magazines and give this a go!

Jade Barnes

Ha! Well, that was a typo Marissa. Whoops. Although seafood green is pretty descriptive too. 🙂


I laughed a little too long at the fact that you called the air filter color “seafood green”. I’m not sure whether that was intentional, but thanks for the giggle 😛


Totally agree, Gemma. Always changing / adapting my mood board. Thanks for stopping by!


I can completely see how this inspires you! What a great selection of personal and creative pieces. You are totally right, there is nothing better than gathering your mood board bits and bobs and curating them just so. And of course, updating them as your mood adapts and changes!



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