5 Minute DIY to Try: Nail Polish Necklace Idea

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

5 Minute DIY to Try // Nail Polish Necklace Idea

I’m prepping for a shoot this morning, that involves me being just about up to my eyeballs in popsicles. Are you getting weird visual from that? Because I am.

But popsicles aside, I wanted to pop in and share a necklace tutorial that I just created for Momtastic. Now, I know what you’re thinking… Brittni, you just posted a necklace DIY last week silly. And that is very true. BUT this one is different from the last AND, as I mentioned in that post, I am pretty obsessed with this particular kind of jewelry.

So… I feel like it’s warranted. Fingers crossed that you agree.

DIY // Wood beaded necklace with painted nail polish details

5 Minute DIY to Try // Nail Polish Necklace Idea

Check out the full tutorial on Momtastic.

What are you up to today? Any big plans in your neck of the woods?

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Simple and beautiful! Going to try it later 🙂

Sarah Lusby

This is really pretty. I love chunky beaded jewellery like this x


I love simple jewelry with something small to make it pop. I am not big on the statement pieces so this is perfect for me.


Such a simple idea! I’ve been looking at DIY jewellery for a while now and a lot of it looks super complicated and overwhelming. This might be a nice gateway into the wonderful world of jewellery DIY-ing!!


Megs | White Rabbit

Brilliant idea! It looks super lovely and I would totally wear it 🙂

Katrina Sophia

Katrina Sophia

I love this type of necklace; looks so beautiful!

Monique | WritingMonique

I love how fun this looks to make and I’m definitely not a DIYer. I’m fairly certain my 4 yr old will never want to stop making necklaces if I show her this. It’s such a cute idea though and would make great gifts for the younger crowd.


This is so beautiful and yet simple! I love it! And that stick for painting the beads = genius! I think my girls and I will be crafting some necklaces this coming weekend!

Becky @dempsterlogbook

I loved your tutorial on Momtastic. I’ve really been into making and wearing DIY necklaces lately, and I really loved the different ways that you painted the wooden beads. I’m definitely going to try the washi tape idea.



So super cute and such a great way to use left over polish!

Stephanie R

How fun is this!! I love the wood and color combination!




Cute! Love it.


This necklace looks fabulous! I love how you’ve applied colour using nail varnish. What a simple idea and it looks extra special on the wooden beads. Love it!

Emma Jayne x

Emma Jayne
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